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A Little Reminder ... With Some Greek Mythology On the Side

So. I had this inspired blog post idea for today. My plan . . . was to get all clever about encouraging you to read the latest Read With Us selection - Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller - during these last dog days of summer.

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Color me Put In My Place.

It's a good thing I looked up the dog days of summer before writing this post. . . because, my friends? They ended last Wednesday!

Turns out . . . The dog days of summer have a specific time slot on the calendar, and this year, the dog days were July 3 through August 11. I did not know that. I did know that the dog days are so named because of Sirius - the dog constellation - and his appearance in the summer sky, alongside the sun. But I never knew there were specific days lined up to match - and that those days change from year to year (although it makes perfet sense) (duh).


Never mind.

Because if you haven't already done so, you will not be able to read Unsettled Ground during the dog days of summer. But you WILL still be able to read it during these lingering, no-name days of summer . . . or even over the Labor Day weekend.

And I hope you will.
Because . . . 


Unsettled Ground is a very good book, and totally worth some of your reading time this summer, dog days or not.

The book is available in hardback or paperback online or in most local bookstores. You can get a digital version through Kindle or iBooks. Most libraries have copies available these days without too long a wait. And there is an audio version available as well.

Book discussion day is Tuesday, September 14. As usual, there will be discussion questions posted on our blogs that day . . . and then in the evening (7:00 pm Eastern Time), we'll be hosting our book discussion Zoom meet-up (which is really fun). I hope you'll join us!

C'mon along and Read With Us.
(Even if those dog days are long gone . . . )


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Mythology is coming up in so many places these days. Thanks for keeping us informed! Unsettled Ground is one of those books that has stuck with me all summer (I read it in late May). I bet it will make great conversation.


I think "no-name days of summer" are the BEST!! Looking forward to book discussion.


Great book! Do what Kym says and read it! :-)


I had some vague notion in my head that "dog days of summer" had something to do with dogs panting in the heat of summer. Someone else (Kat, Sarah?) recently posted about the dog days also. But whenever people read it, it's a good book and I think the discussion will be great!


Here's a song for you to listen to, inspired by your post!

I think of these times as the summer doldrums, and doldrums make me think of the Odyssey -- another mythology connection!


I think that around the time the dog days of summer are over, cat nights begin. I'm not sure what cat nights are about, but I've always thought it had to do with cats yowling at night. I am looking forward to discussing this book!

kathy b

Dog days...everyday is a dogs day...


I tend to not read thought-provoking books. I’m too much in my own head, as it is. But this one I will keep on the back burner (of my mind) and will be very interested in other people’s comments.


I feel like every day is a dog day here in the house of Mr. Mylo, Demanding Schnauzer. Our weather is cool and rainy (and smokey!). I love Unsettled Ground and might buy the audio for my reread through this very discussable book.

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