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This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about magical thinking.

Let's pretend . . . you've just been awarded one million dollars! You've been instructed that you MUST spend every penny on yourself within one year (you're not allowed to invest or save it, or give it away). What are three things (it is Thursday, after all) you'd do with it?

As for me, I'd . . . 

1 - Hire a general contractor and re-do my entire house and cabin up north . . . all to my dream-house specifications.

2 - Take a luxury trip around the world (with maybe an extended stay in Tuscany while they're re-doing my house).

3 - Build a backyard sauna.

How about YOU?
I can't wait to hear how you'd spend your magical million!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)


And be sure to visit Carole today, for some Three on Thursday fun.



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My list would be similar.
House and yard upgrades would be first. And I would add to that a weekly cleaning service for the rest of my life - I am so over cleaning bathrooms!
Then maybe new cars (and we could give our not-so-old cars to the kids).
And airfare to some of those lovely places we have dreamed of visiting.


A cool mil, eh?

Yes to the whole-house re-do! (Fix the creaky stairs, re-config the kitchen, add a bathroom or two, entirely replace all the "systems," the basement...)

A world tour, including (especially) a ride on the Orient Express.

Buy (or design/build) a vacation/retreat compound in the Scottish Highlands -- northwest coast, an easy jump to the islands. Who wants to come and knit?

kim in oregon

I think I'd get a subscription in a private jet service so I could travel easily with the dogs!


Buy a house at the beach - in Oregon -- that might take it all - houses, especially on the west coast, are a big expense.
Take our kids to Africa - there's a safari camp near Kruger National park I've wanted share with them.
Any left - I'd remodel our main bath, and create a master bath for our room. Redo the kitchen cabinets, and build that deck out the back we keep talking about.
(PS down a rabbit hole looking at beach property - could we do it? It depends. . .)


1- Buy up the available property behind ours in NC where we are building our forever home.

2-Book travel for the foreseeable future, trips Stateside as well as worldwide.

3-Go back to school. Purely for the fun of it. Get a degree (or two) in new disciplines


I think I would . . . put in a gorgeous in ground swimming pool with landscaping, buy a fancy RV, and re-do my house including an addition of a master bath and the installation of central AC. It's fun to dream!


Oh yes! What fun! Definitely remodel the house/home bathrooms, bump out the patio and enclose it...then build another patio...a garage...bump out the two bedrooms (and bathroom) upstairs...BIG closets, etc., etc. And landscaping. I also like (or rather LOVE) the idea of a cleaning service for the balance of my life. YAY for that. Definitely travel and pay off any debts. After all that...retire??? Certainly fun to dream!


Buy an upscale cabin on a small lake. Renovate and landscape the house and buy a fun fast car!


I suppose using part of it to pay off the mortgage doesn't count? I think I'd like to build a tiny house in our backyard that I could use as my fiber studio. I'm already facing having to move my entire stash and all the related stuff (tools, books, magazines, etc.) because my daughter is planning to move into the third-floor room that I've been referring to as the "stash room" at the end of the summer, so it would be nice to have a place for it all that doesn't have to do double duty (I'll be moving it into her old room, which will now be a guest room). And I've love to take a trip back to Europe, too!


I think this question is a hard one to answer! I guess I would spend it on house renovations or a new home, cleaning and yard service, and travel.


World Cruise right off the bat. First things first! New roomier retirement digs. We have hobbies with no place left to stash them! Does an Alaskan cruise for the whole extended family count as a for-me purchase? One of my fondest wishes (even though there may be “drama”). And a week (or two!) in New York City. I’ve been all over and it’s still my favorite.


Oh, only three. Maybe I could just sneak New York in??



1. The bathrooms
2. The lighting in the dining area and bedrooms
3. Landscape the yard
4. New furniture for the living room and Steve's office
5. Some extra furniture like a comfy chair for my craft room
6. Get mani/pedi each week
7. Re-roof the house and the garage
8. Take up the old patio and have it re-leveled and done over
9. I guess I could get a new car. Mine is going to be 11 years old. Still is fine, but if I have to spend the money, I suppose a car wouldn't be a bad idea.
10. A vacation home might be nice.....maybe one in the mountains.

Maybe I'm out of money now? I can't think of anything else I want.

But, really ..........I don't *need* any of that stuff.


I love this question!
1) Renovate and update the house. Put in a new deck and a bit of landscaping in the front. Then sell it for a condo/townhome in the city.
2) Buy a little place in Italy (a little town in Tuscany comes to mind).
3) Spend the rest on travel.


I LOVE this question!

Okay... go big, or go home!

Thing One: Purchase a home somewhere in Scandinavia or Scotland. (either will work, but just a small place... nothing grandiose or "too American" lol)

Thing Two: Purchase a small condo/apartment in Traverse City, Milwaukee, and Santa Clara. A little studio apartment would be perfect... a place for me to stay when visiting my kiddos!

Thing Three: Purchase some kind of small jet plane that can take me to the house in Thing One as well as the apartments in Thing Two.

Gosh... it is so much fun to dream! :)


This question has stopped me in my tracks and my questioning logical mind has kicked in. How do I maintain the house I really want to buy/build after my million is gone? The house I want in the place I want it would surely take the whole mill.


Even though we literally just moved into this house 10 days ago, if I was given a million, I’d sell this house and buy the dream house. (His house is lovely but it is not the dream house.) And then we’d travel, travel, travel.


What a fun question! I used to play this game on long drives by myself.
1. Finish the remodeling on this house. Started in 2000, stalled in 2001 or 2002.
2. Hire a weekly cleaning person. If s/he could do gard ening work, so much the better; would need to be two days/week then.
3. I'd hire a private jet to whisk us off to New Mexico to visit Elder Son and Wife, to Key West, to France, to Scotland, to wherever our fancy takes us. (I just googled "how much does a small private jet cost to buy" and discovered that buying the plane would require more than the million. So hiring is the answer.)

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