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The Centurion

Our old dog, Jenny, celebrated her 14th birthday last April. In "dog years" . . . that's 98. Close to 100. But not quite. So Tom figured out when her 100th birthday would be . . . and it was yesterday.

We threw her a party!


She had a day filled with special attention and treats -- capped off with her own hamburger, a dog-cookie cupcake, and a new chicken. (She always had a "thing" for chickens as a young-and-active dog. She cared not a whit about the new chicken - it was purely symbolic - but Brian and Lauren's dog, Ferda, loves it.)


Jenny's deaf now. Nearly blind. Increasingly incontinent. But happy! She gets frequent belly rubs, walks every day, plenty of treats, and a whole lot of love.

We think she'll be around a while longer.
(She knows a good gig when she sees it.)


Happy birthday, Jenny!


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Oy, this one gets me a little verklempt! Your love, + Tom's, and Jenny's smile... Happy Birthday, Jenny!


I hope Jenny had a great day yesterday, and enjoys a wonderful, healthy year ahead! Those are wonderful photos of The Centurion and her loving family!


Happy birthday, Jenny!!!!!


Such a pretty dog! Happy Birthday Jenny! Love the chicken - LOL


Aw. Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!

Susanne Scheurwater

Awwww, so precious. Our hearts are so full when our pets are happy. Hope she has more years yet!
Happy Birthday Jenny!!


Welcome to 100 Jenny! Boone sends extra special wishes your way! xo


Happy 100th to Jenny! She's a very lucky dog to have two of the best humans ever be her family!


Happy birthday, sweet girl! I admit I teared up a little reading this. Your pups are very lucky to have you as parents!


This just makes me smile! Go Jenny Go! (and what a gracious thing to share her birthday prezzies!) Happy Birthday Jenny!


Jenny: what a good dog! I have noticed that our Milady is slowing down, except when one of us says, "Do you want to go outside?" Then she bounces her front half continuously until the door is opened. So I guess there is still lots of life in the old girl.


How fun to give Jenny a party! She certainly deserves to be celebrated. She is smart to stick around, but lucky to have caring persons to meet her needs (and even surpass exceptions!).

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