Summer Refresh
A Different Kind of Canvas

Summer of Ease

Coming into this summer season, I really didn't know what to expect. 

Would the pandemic feel "over?" Would we be able to get out and about in more "normal," summer-y ways? Would we be able to gather with . . . people?

And . . . how would that all feel, exactly?


And then, well. Everything just kind of happened at once! All of a sudden, there are places to go. People to see. Things to do.

Life has . . . opened up . . . again.
(Don't get me wrong. You still won't find me in crowds or at a concert or anywhere there are likely to be people of questionable vaccination status, but it all does feel bigger and more wide open again, y'know?)

Right away, early in the summer, I started feeling a bit . . . itchy and sort of stressed out. I had established a routine for myself - a way to get through my days - during the pandemic. And I actually liked it; I was used to it. But, suddenly, that routine was being . . . oh, not really interrupted (although kinda). Just . . . nudged . . . in ways that didn't always feel good. I found I was clutching tighter to my established routine . . . even though I was also adding more people and unexpected - although welcome - events and options into my life. And it was creating a bit of a jumble for me. 

Clearly, I needed a shift in my approach.
And my attitude.

I needed to let things go . . . and be more spontaneous.
I needed to . . . go with the (new) flow.

It's not always easy to let things go -- especially when it's mostly (maybe even entirely) self-driven expectations and artbitrary rules. But it's so awesome when it happens. When you let your fingers stop clutching at the dock, for example, and you let go . . . and just bob along with the current.

This summer, I'm practicing spontaneity. Letting myself off the hook more than I usually do. Relaxing into this "new" reality.

I'll tell you . . . Life is easier this way.
Summer is easier.

Let go.
Find ease.
(Who knew?)


"Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it."
        --- David Foster Wallace


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I've got lots of moving parts to tend to and coordinate this summer, so while I'm not sure my summer will be one of ease, I've had to make a conscious effort to relax and let go of some things. My mantra through August is "keep it simple" so that's what I'm trying to do. Let's go with the flow!


I am all for going with the flow. Spontaneity can be a wonderful thing! Have some fun and be surprised.


OMG, that quote!!

Life is weird.


Adjusting to new routines is always tricky and you adapted to routines you liked during the pandemic which certainly made them harder to release. I think the key in this time we're in now is letting go of the things that didn't serve us well (not being with family/friends is at the top of the list for me) and holding on to the things that brought us peace (more time at home for me).


I love the idea of more ease and spontaneity this summer. I've found myself a little grumpy about the more normal routine returning. Then I remembered I still have a choice about how I respond. I'm with Carole as I welcome more time with family and a few vaccinated friends but continue to maintain the quiet in my days.


Love that quote.


I identify so much with that quote! Routines and what I'm used to are what give me comfort, and I'm typically not good at spontaneity because I like to know what to expect. I suspect that many of us are feeling unease at things opening up because we've finally gotten used to the "new normal" of pandemic life after a wild time of not knowing what was going on. But I think going with the flow is probably much healthier for us in the long term, so I'm going to work on it!


The perfect time for things to open up is summer. Letting go would be so much harder of it was still cold and dark. We've been so happy to see people, take care of those in need, and have the ability to be spontaneous! We have even more reasons to love summer!


That quote... I am nodding my head in complete agreement! I am selectively adding back in... and that feels just right. I, like you, am not ready for close encounters of the unvaccinated kind. Although the best "add-in" has been a little book group at the library. It has brought unexpected joys and I will be sad when we finish our "first book" but incredibly excited that there will be more books and the group will continue!

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