Mid-Summer Compare and Contrast
Lessons From the Garden. Again.

Sometimes Mondays

. . . really do feel like Mondays, y'know?


And as a person who does not actually have a job-job, that's saying something. Because when you are "retired" - or whatever it is that I am - all days are the same. Basically. Except when they're not.

And today? Today just feels especially Monday-ish to me.

Thankfully, there are hydrangeas in the world!

IMG_5250 2


"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us."
            --- Iris Murdoch


Here's to a good week for all of us!



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I'm happy to see your hydrangeas! After planting them four or five years ago, my vanilla strawberry hydrangeas are finally blooming. (Maybe it's all the rain?)


Beautiful! Those tinges of pink...


Oh gorgeous Kym! (and what a lovely way to ease into Monday!)


Beautiful hydrangeas!

We had to transplant ours. Hoping it may push out some blooms in August! Thankfully, it looks like it didn't mind being dug up and moved.


I find myself checking in each morning to make sure I know the day of the week! Today is a bit overcast so I am lingering with an extra cup of coffee and catching up on blogs. I have been reading that lovely book you recommended, Uprooted, and I think of you in your garden often as I read about this garden journey.


What a gorgeous bloom! Love that tinge of pink. It is definitely feeling like Monday in my world!


What kind of hydrangea is that? Our new house has one just like that by the front door but I don’t know what kind it is.


I just love those pink-tinted blooms! or maybe I should say rose-tinted? ;-) Wishing you a rose-tinted week!


That's a spectacular hydrangea!

kathy b

We had very o1d , I mean around 50 year o1d hydrangeas at out o1d house. They were suffocated by yews and we cut the yews way back. The o1d hydrangea came roaring back. I 1oved that you cou1d see the white puffs a11 the way from the street. We do not have them here. Hmmmmmmmm


One of the things I miss the most in our old house where we lived for many decades was the mostly blue hydrangeas in our next door neighbor’s back yard. Such a welcome home throughout the late spring and summer.

Gale Zucker

Oh those pink hydrangeas! I could live with more kinds of hydrangeas, those are wonderful.


It's pretty much impossible to look at hydrangea blooms and not smile. Love these. I've spotted some similar ones in the neighborhood on my walks, and I love how they look like someone has sneakily spray-painted them with hot pink paint.


Hydrangeas in the world are a very good thing. I keep looking at the ones on my walk and wondering where they would fit in our yard. Some days do feel like Monday for sure. Here is to a good summer week.

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