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Signs In My Garden

Last week I shared three smiles in my garden.
This week? I'm sharing signs.

I have all kinds of "words" in my garden . . . 


(They're everywhere in my garden, actually.)
But today, I'm going to share 3 signs I don't think I've shared before.

First, there's this one.


This one is right next to my garage, right at the top of my driveway, so that anyone pulling in can see just what we stand for . . . in this house. It's a standard yard sign that I have nestled into my front flower border. It works. Enough said.

Then, there's this one . . . 


Many years ago, I certified my garden as a Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation, and Tom was kind enough to get me this lovely plaque to mark my garden. The sign gets obliterated in the summer by my very happy and very vigorous Autumn Joy clematis, but I do get asked about it quite often - especially in the spring and fall, when the sign is more visible. I love having a garden that is welcoming and safe for "woodland creatures" . . . even if it means deer nibbling on my hydrangeas and bunnies shredding my basil. (If you want to learn more about certifying your garden, click here for the scoop.)

And last, there's this one . . . 


A gentle reminder.
And the epitome of what I want my garden to remind me (and anyone visiting it) to do!


How about you? Do you have any signs in your garden?


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I love those signs and they way they reflect your values. And, you know, I don't have any signs in my garden. I might have to fix that!


I have one and I didn't buy it. It came with the house.

Most of the stuff they "gave" us was crap they just didn't want to move, but ONE thing I did like. It is a small iron Celtic cross. It stands among the lavender that I planted the day we moved in.

It makes my little (part) Irish heart happy.


Signs of neglect! :-) Installation of the new walks and a crash landing by a really big bear has wreaked havoc on our garden this year.


Your signs are good Kym...and so right for you (and moi)! We have no signs...but Fletch would love a big billboard that says "DEER - KEEP OUT!!!!!"


We have a sign very similar to your first one. Actually, we'd put it away while the roofers were working because it would have been destroyed by all the scaffolding. Thanks for the reminder to put it back!


A friend has that first sign in her backyard, right next to her small patio. She told me this week that someone had stolen it! Her backyard is deep and backs up to the state highway, so the thief had to cross her yard -- trespassing! -- to get to the sign. Some people!

kathy b

I WANT A CERTIFIED garden. I use no pesticides. I welcome critters except the neighbors dogs. Cool for yoU!


I have no signs! Hmmm, I think that might need a bit of a correction... and soon!

I love your signs!


I have no signs but I sure enjoy yours. I especially need the one that says, "Enjoy Today." Life goes by in the blink of an eye that's for sure. All we have is today.

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