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Mid-Summer Compare and Contrast

My container plants are doing really well this summer. (It's the plant dildos, I swear.

How well?
Let's compare and contrast!

It's always good to have some photos around . . . for perspective.
Here, for example, is one of my front door planters . . . earlier this week.


(If you look closely, you can see the 2 wine bottles in there. But barely!)

And here it is, back on June 2 . . . when I first planted it.


That's some progress, there!

I hope your garden is growing well this season, too.

Enjoy the weekend . . . and I'll see you back here on Monday.


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Nice comparison. That planter is gorgeous! Plant dildos - cracks me the hell up!


You are the queen of planters! I'm not very good at putting together planters. They always look too skimpy in the beginning so I load them up with too many plants, they get potbound quickly and die because of lack of water and oxygen. But next year I'll try and do better with my own set of plant dildos!


Wow! You win the container gardening award! (mine are just all so sad and miserable this year... and I am not quite sure why!)


Lovely!! Plant dildos FTW! Have a great weekend, Kym!!


Happy weekend Kym! The container is splendid!

kathy b

Things are in b1oom in a11 of my gardens. I'm so happy to see butterfies and birds enjoying the bounty. THe hummingbirds a1ways make me happy.
We need water/rain , however. I wi11 have to water tonight when it iis a bit coo1er. BUt i 1ove summer


We have a mixed bag.

Some plants are doing well and some ..........................well, they have gone to plant heaven (also known as the rubbish bins).

Echinacea and black eyed Susan -----------going gang busters.

The roses ................they met an awful fate and a bunch of Japanese Beetles.

The day lilies and hosta ......okay, not great. They got nipped with the late season frost. So, they are alive, they just aren't very pretty.

Your planter is gorgeous!


Looks great! Of course, you do have a pretty green thumb, so I am not surprised. I am happy to report that the impatiens my mother planted earlier in the summer as a surprise are still alive and have started blooming again (I'm sure thanks to all the rain we've had).


BEAUTIUL! Love the compare and contrast...


We've had lots and lots of rain which my containers love so they are thriving. Yours is doing amazingly well, I love it!

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