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Lessons From the Garden. Again.

Yep. Once again, gardening brings meaning to my One Little Word . . . 


In the spring and early summer, we were in a drought situation here in my corner of the world. It didn't snow much last winter. It didn't rain much in the spring. Everything was very, very dry. And our entire sprinkler system was messed up. I was constantly dragging hoses and watering my containers. (I even ordered/installed that plant dildo system to give my containers a fighting chance.)

And then . . . 

  • It started to rain. (A lot.)
  • Sprinkler system repairs (finally) happened.
  • The plant dildos worked.

I didn't need to water anything anywhere.

I got complacent. 
Maybe even a little lazy.
But everything was fine. Great, in fact.

Until it wasn't.
Because the weather changed again. The rain stopped. It got hot.

At first, the plants were all fine. The roots were still soaking up all the spare water in the soil, and those plant dildos were providing plenty of moisure deep down in my containers, at the roots where they really needed it. But . . . it didn't take long before the leaves let me know that it was time for more attention! I needed to turn the sprinkler system back on. I needed to check my containers every day. I needed to re-fill those wine bottles in my plants.

Which is really what gardening is all about: Paying attention to the plants and the conditions they live in . . . and providing the necessary "maintenance" to keep everything humming along and looking good. 

IMG_5191 2

And all of this . . . got me thinking about my own "roots" . . . those metaphoric roots deep in my soul.

When the "weather" of life is providing just enough of what you need, it's easy to take things for granted. That you'll always have enough "water," for example. That your "roots" will remain comfortable, happy, and well-nourished. That you can just . . . cruise along, happy as a clam, without providing any "water maintenance."

But, as we know, "weather" (real and metaphoric) can change quickly. And we don't always notice that we need some extra "watering" until we start feeling dry . . . and a little desperate, usually wondering just WHAT IS WRONG with us. So - just like in a real garden - we need to pay attention. To watch for signs of "dryness" in our own soil. To figure out just what our roots might need. Y'know . . . so we don't wither and dry up.

This month, I've been trying harder to keep my eyes on the weather -- both in my garden and in my soul.
I'm asking myself . . . 

It's important to keep those roots - both my plants' AND mine - happy and healthy.


How about you? What have you learned from your word this month?



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It's funny how things are going along fine, until they aren't. Thanks for the reminder that attention needs to paid, along with watering (literally and figuratively).


Completely on the literal level here--I didn't realize your water situation in MI required sprinkler systems. (I'd never even heard of them until we moved West. And they're both a headache and a saving grace, I suppose!)


Wise words Kym! Thanks for the reminder to pay attention.


This is perhaps the best analogy you've written so far when it comes to roots and recognizing the things we need. I love it!


I love this analogy for life... yep. Perfect! I have gotten better at catching some things... but not so much on others until it is way too late. I think you are brilliant for recognizing this and self correcting!


What a wonderful post. Taking care of ourselves is an ever evolving process and it is important to recognize signs of need before everything goes too far sideways.


oh boy, another month and another fantastic gardening metaphor! my own "watering needs" aren't nearly as apparent as the impatiens we have on our porch - they wilt, we water, they perk up. and all of that can happen in a morning! I'm refocused this month on some of those dildo watering practices. getting back to my dark-early alone time, centering prayer, regular bedtimes ... the knee sort of got me all out of whack.

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