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July is Dressed Up and Playing Her Tune

There is nothing like an old song to bring the memories flooding back, is there?

Today's post really needs a soundtrack . . . but you'll have to click here to listen because I couldn't embed the video (any video). That is . . . if the title of this post didn't already conjure that song in your brain. Remember that song? Summer Breeze. Seals & Croft. It is just a major, major nostalgia tune for me . . . bringing back one of my best junior high school memories. C'mon back to 8th grade with me for just a minute, okay?

There I was. . . gawky in my Olive Oyl body, with braces on my teeth, and hair that was trying hard to be like Marcia Brady's (but not cutting it) (at all), quiet and concerned all.the.time about saying/doing/wearing something stupid . . . and wishing for so much more (like a teenage sitcom life). And then, one day after band class, Nick Mizell asked me to stop by one of the band practice rooms after school. What could he want with me? I mean . . . Nick was suuuuper cute. Very cool. A drummer with dreamy hair. So very far out of my league. But I went to meet him anyway, hoping it wasn't going to be some embarrassing prank. I played it really cool - just in case - and tried my best to look like I was just casually down by the band room, y'know . . . looking for some sheet music, after school (like one might do in a teenage sitcom life).

But, no. He did actually want me to meet him. He and a couple of other band guys (Steve and Jay) were all set up in this practice room with Nick's drum set. (Steve played an electric guitar, and Jay had his trumpet). They were practicing for the school talent show, and they wanted me to listen while they played (you guessed itSummer Breeze. And it was so awesome! I'd never seen a drum set up close. Or an electric guitar. And it sounded so good, so . . . exotic! (Not to mention how exotic these boys were to me.) And you know what they wanted? They wanted ME to play my flute in their group for the talent show. Seriously. I thought I had absolutely DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN. Like I was freaking Grace Slick or something! This was one of the highlights of 8th grade for me. (Right up there with the night Alan Richardson asked me to couple skate at the skating rink . . . and then skated with me the whole night long.)

Anyway. Big nostalgia for me . . . that song.
(Oh. We didn't win the talent show, but we did get far enough along that we got to play in the school assembly.) (And, unsurprisingly, Nick was only interested in my flute playing and ignored me for the rest of time after that.)

That's a long story. . . and not really what I was planning to blog about today at all.
But I've always loved that song!
And I heard it on the radio just as I started to knit this summer tank top.


Sweet days of summer, the jasmine's in bloom
July is dressed up and wearing a tune

IMG_5159 2

Summer breeze makes me feel fine
Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind

It's kind of nice . . . when your summer knitting project brings a welcome song and fun memories for each stitch!

I can't play it on my flute anymore, but . . . 
Eat your heart out, Nick.


For details and more photos, click here for my Ravelry project page.


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Oh gee...I love that song! Memories of hanging out in Ithaca, NY in the summer with my older brother and his friends. (Then I had to go back home to BORING high school). Your tank top turned out so well Kym - love the color and the way it looks on you. Nice!!


Great song, even better tank top! It looks wonderful and like it fits perfectly. (Too bad, so sad, Nick!)


Okay, the song is from before my time, but I do know it! The top is perfect! It fits well and looks like it's super comfy for a summer day.


Love! It! All of it. :-) That top rocks!


Your top is beautiful and perfect for summer!
"Summer Breeze" takes me way back to my freshman year in college and now I'm groovin' on memories of 1972!


Oh those memories... songs & smells bring them back more than anything else!

What a great top, Kym!!


I always loved that song too. And that top is just lovely.


What a beautiful flowy top! I love it. Heading to your Ravelry page now!


I love your story about that song, it's a wonderful memory. And your tank! It looks fantastic on you!


I love that song! So cool that you got to play it, even if it didn't quite work out with the guy. His loss.

Your top is gorgeous and as the song goes ....................You Wear It Well.

kathy b

You look fantastic. You feel fine! I love your summer top. WOW.


Great summer top! It is now in my Favorites.


That knit worked out fabulously, Kym! (and I am loving LOVING LOVING your story!) Summer breeze brings back memories for me too.... jumping jacks in the gym. Yep, it was part of the "calisthenics" play list to start off gym class!


Oh Kym, the sweater is perfect ... and the accompanying song and story are *chef's kiss* (when I was at Katie's on Saturday she was playing "old" albums and this was one of them, along with some very vintage Crosby, Stills, and Nash and a bit of Chicago)


What a pretty summer top. I do like the color on you. It looks like it will be fun to wear. And Summer Breeze, I remember it well.


Loved that song, in no small part because Seals and Crofts was the first live concert I ever went to. I was 17, a senior in high school, and lived in northern NJ right on the NY state border. I was dating a cadet from the US Military Academy, which was just about 30 minutes north of my house. S & C played there and we went. Great memories!

That's a beautiful top, great job!


This top is so cute and perfect for hot summer days. SO COOL! Just like playing in a band with the cool kids!


Thought I had already commented here but my thoughts never “launched” and I want to give this post its due: You are really rockin’ this Mantra tank, Kym. It looks great on you. Take that 8th grade! Love the Summer Breeze name. (So glad to see Berroco yarn being used, when so many other big companies have bitten the dust. I still kinda mourn Classic Elite.)

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