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This week, I'm asking you questions!


Today's question . . . is about playing favorites.

Let's say you can only choose ONE. What is your favorite flower?

IMG_4994 2

As for me, it's the humble daisy! I've always loved daisies, ever since I was a little girl. They were one of the first flowers I could accurately identify and name (the other being tulips), and every garden I'll ever grow will have at least a clump or two of daisies.

Here's a sweet daisy story for you. . . 

Back in 1981, I lived in Fort Collins, Colorado with Tom, my then-boyfriend, who was in grad school at Colorado State University. I had graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education, but didn't have a teaching job. So I worked at the local newspaper. (I was the newspaper "dummier." It was a stressful job, but kinda fun, too. Back in the day, nothing was digitized - and there were very few computers at the newspaper yet, so I "dummied" with graph paper and a pencil each day . . . solving the layout puzzle and negotiating between advertising and editorial . . . and working closely with typesetting and "the press guys.")

Anyway. One day, I looked up from my desk in the big, wide-open newspaper office and saw a flower delivery guy bringing in flowers . . . loads of flowers. In fact, some of the people who worked in classified ads were helping to carry the massive amounts of flowers coming in . . . 

To me.

They were all daisies.
Loads and loads of daisies!
Along with this card . . . 


Yep. It was Tom's proposal! He had gone in to a flower shop, knowing I loved daisies and intending to order a little bouquet for me of only daisies - to be delivered to me with his card. But . . . daisies are cheap. And in order to "qualify" for a delivery, he had to order MANY daisies. ALL the daisies, in fact. So he did! So many daisies that I needed to share them -- making a little bouquet of daisies for every desk in the newspaper office. With still plenty left over for me.

(I said yes, of course!)

So you'll always find daisies in my garden.
(And now you know why.)


I can't wait to hear about your favorite flower!

Thanks so much for playing along with me this week as I . . . ask questions. It's been so much fun to read your responses that, well . . . we're going to have to try it again another week.

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.




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I love this daisy story!! It's a toss up for me between daffodils and zinnias but I think I'm going to have to go with zinnias. I picked my first 2 of the year yesterday, they bring me so much joy.


I love the daisy story!

For me it is Poppies... yes, they are so fleeting. But they are just so gorgeous. (and my Nana had a huge bed of them in her back yard and when they bloomed, wow... just wow!)


Oh my... that is THE SWEETEST!!

I'm a pansy lover!


What an amazing backstory on your Daisies! I love grand gestures!

I don't have a favorite flower. I know! I know! And it's not because I can't choose. It's because I love the plants that either don't flower, or have flowers that are innocuos. I love making planters with all the green growing things. Maybe a variegated basil plant, surrounded by frilly ferns, with trailing ivy or mounds of pepperomia.

I was the kid with the terrarium growing up.

That's not to say I don't love a beautiful arrangement now and again! And then the Ranunculus probably gets my vote.


I love your daisy story! My daisies were very lush this year, but are beginning to fade. If I have to choose a favorite flower it would be close between snapdragons and pansies...I love them both so much and never have enough of them in my garden.


It cannot get better than this story, Kym + Tom!!
I have all kinds of favorites and have stopped trying to narrow it down. But if pressed, I lean toward lisianthus. They feel suggestive of a rose but more...I don't know...rustic? Loose?
So glad you're keeping this ball rolling next week! It's fun.


That is the most creative proposal I have ever heard of! Totally fun and unique. How could you not say yes to such a fun guy!

kim in oregon

I'm not sure I have a favorite flower. I like Lillies of the Valley a lot though. Which always brings to mind an episode of I Love Lucy. "I am Lilly, of the Valley..."


That is so great! And my fave...thistle! I almost drove off the exit ramp this morning when I spied a huge one...I can't wait to see it in bloom. Fun's of the daisy family! Have a great weekend Kym and Tom. xo


What a fun and wonderful story Kym. That guy of yours sure is creative!! I am not sure I could pick a favorite - I love them all. I'm often disappointed in how ours grow though...never as full or as tall or as many as I would like (of any kind).


If forced to pick - since I love them all - I would choose peonies. I tend to be attracted to the showy flowers (dahlias, hydrangeas, etc.) and I love the fluffy, delicate shades of pink that peonies come in. Their season is much too short for me. But daisies are very appealing too! So cheerful, bright and optimistic. They really can lift your spirits up!


That is by far one of the most romantic proposals ever! I am hard pressed to choose a favorite flower. I love so many for all the textures they bring to the garden. Since I’m currently in Maine phlox ( not the creepingis my favorite to see in the Oceanside gardens here. I struggle to grow them at home since the deer like them as much as I do.


I always loved Tulips. Then, I discovered Gerber Daisies and I just love them. I usually buy a Gerber daisy for our front porch but I didn't like the selection where I was so bought something else.


That is SUCH a sweet proposal.

My favorite flower is lilacs, hands down. Wisteria would come in a close second though.


P..S. Re daisies. How could you not say Yes to a proposal like that! Chloe


Aw, what a sweet story! (Have you watched Gilmore Girls? This makes me think of Max's proposal to Lorelei -- but I think Tom invented it!)

My favorite flower is really more of a plant -- I love my hydrangeas. I love how many different colors they can be and how you can even change the colors by amending the soil. They make me think of our summer vacations in Cape Cod when I was a child, and our house didn't feel complete until we planted some hydrangeas in the front yard.


Daisies are my fave too! And I love your story about them. :-)

My mother always used to say that daisies were your best friend, because "Daisies don't tell."

kathy b

For me, by the way the daisy proposal is darling
for me the flower is: night blooming Jasmine. The smell is divine. It doesntgrow here!

Katie @ The Cozy Burrow

What a sweet proposal!

My favorite is lilacs. Short blooming season I know, but the smell is my favorite. I can stand at our lilac trees everyday and just inhale. I love being able to clip them and bring them inside for my desk and the fragrance drifts through the whole room. Heaven!


What a delightful proposal Kym! Let’s see, being a lover of many flowers, it’s a tough choice. Lately I love looking at peonies. The way the petals layer over one another is simply enthralling! They are a rare beauty here in central Texas. All the more reason to appreciate them.

Naomi Stone

Oh, I love it! No favs but I love any kind of flowers. My garden is very "eclectic". No order at all but a wide variety. I was even excited to see squash blossoms in my garden today. And, I'm even babying some milkweed which seems to be thriving. So excited! Trying to do my part to bring back the Monarch Butterflies.


That is the best daisy story ever! peonies are my favorite in the spring, and camellias in the fall.


What a sweet story Kym. Right now my favorite flower is the prairie cone flower, the original pink- mauve variety. Although lilacs and pansies run a close second and third.


Aw, you can't say NO to a creative proposal like that!

My favorite flower is any that have a good fragrance. Stargazer lilies, lilacs, lily of the valley, old roses (not the modern tea variety), and especially lavender. Sadly, it is not hardy here.

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