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Fairy Tale Knitting

Sometimes, when we finish a knitting project, it's like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Sometimes, we are granted at least one (and maybe all) of our three wishes. (That it fits, that we don't run out of yarn, that our gauge swatch was true, for example.)

Sometimes, we really can spin gold out of straw.

And sometimes?
Not so much.


My face . . . says it all.

Fee. Fi. Fo. Fum.
This disaster was supposed to be this

But my gauge swatch lied.
I hate the yarn. (It's thick and twists a lot.)
I don't think a good-soak-and-a-toss-in-the-dryer would help at all.

No pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!
(Sometimes Rumpelstilskin wins . . . and you really can't spin gold from straw.)

Some knitting fairy tales . . . are just Grimm.


I hope your knitting this week is full of fairy tale magic and that all your wishes that come true!
(And don't feel bad for me. I'm on to a new story already . . . )


Be sure to visit Kat today for more Unraveled tales!


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Well that is most unfortunate. But I'm glad you've made your peace with it and moved on.


Oh boy. I hate when that happens. I think some yarns need to have a "garment sized" swatch to know the truth.


I'm sorry your gauge swatch lied, but glad that it gave you an opportunity to write "Some knitting fairy tales . . . are just Grimm." That is an excellent line and will entertain me all day!


Wow. That is slippery yarn, I believe. That might have contributed. I think Kat’s garment-sized swatch probably applied here. Love “Grimm fairy tale”, too!


Your face in that photo is perfect! Sorry it didn't work out but it sounds like you're over it already.

kim in oregon

I'm holding out hope that a hot wash and a dry and a stretch might get it into shape.


Hmmmmmmm... that didn't work out quite right. The yarn is a lovely color though. Maybe it wants to be something else.


Oh, that is frustrating, I love that pattern though! Looking forward to seeing your 'next story".
Love all your plays on words and fairy tales.


What a shame...but what a great attitude you have Kym!

kathy b

From the quick read of the pattern, I have to say it must be a bit mis1eading. After a11 you knit beautifu11y. Maybe it is a good thing, bc the yarn was such a bu11y. I'm proud you carried on with something e1se.


Well, shoot! I see why you chose the color -


Oh bummer! Grimm, indeed.


Well darn it anyway. Some fairy tales go awry as do knitting projects. Your facial expression says it all. Some projects just aren't meant to be or to be finished. It sounds like you were able to move on so good for you.


What yarn did you use? I've admired that design, but yikes, if you used Kestrel, I'm ... YIKES!

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