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Yes, friends. Our most recent Read With Us book selection - Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller - is very compelling and highly readable.

Unsettled Ground

I was up north last week, and it rained . . . a lot. I spent one day inside reading this book. Actually, let's clarify that . . . I spent one day inside glued to this book. Is it among my favorite reads of all time? No. Is it the best book I've read this year? No. But . . . it's very good! And it's totally . . . un-put-down-able. Author Claire Fuller is a master storyteller. She paints a beautiful landscape for us, populates it with believable characters, and tells her story in a way that just hooks us right in and keeps us reading (and reading and reading). I found this book to be frustrating and bleak, but also a bit hopeful by the end. It's one of those stories that may change your perspective a bit; that might open your eyes to different ways of living (or surviving). It will probably . . . unsettle . . . you a little. And it will surely make you want to talk about it with other readers. (It's perfect for a book group.)

I hope you'll grab a copy and read along with us this summer.
(Although you may want to make sure your schedule is clear for a day or so before you begin.) (Just sayin.)

The book is currently available on Amazon in hardback ($19.33), Kindle ($12.99) or Audible versions. I imagine your local bookstore (should you be fortunate enough to have one) would offer the book at similar prices. I got a copy from my library with a short wait.

Our Read With Us book discussion day is Tuesday, September 14. Bonny, Carole, and I will each post a discussion question (or two) on our blogs that day, and then - later in the evening (7:00 pm Eastern time zone) - we'll be hosting a live book discussion/meet-up on Zoom. 

C'mon along!
Unsettle yourself.

Read With Us!


PS - A couple of weeks ago, Bonny discovered - and shared - a Spotify playlist put together by the author to accompany the book. I'm sharing the link again here . . . because it really is a nice companion to the book, and you may want to give it a listen.

PSS - Slight spoiler alert. (Only slight.) When I read books that feature animals and beloved pets, I worry a lot about . . . bad things happening to the animals. I just want to assure others that feel the same way . . . well, don't worry about the dog.



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I am so excited that others are reading this book. It was one of my first finishes for my bingo card and I keep telling people to read it. There are pieces of this story that have really stayed with me. Should make for a good discussion.


This book is so discussable with all its twists and complexities. It is high on my favorites of the year.


hahaha, I love that you told everyone they don't have to worry about the dog! And yes, it's a good idea to have a clear schedule before starting this book. I can't wait for our discussion!


I just got this from my library yesterday! I have to finish one book and start and finish another (both due back before Unsettled) and then I will start...maybe on a weekend? We will see if I can get through it. The bleakness may not be do-able for me, but I will try. Perhaps I will surprise myself. I have gotten another book by this author from the library several times (Bitter orange) but have never managed to read it!


oh Yes, you already know I found this one to be pretty much impossible to put down! I'm now a Claire Fuller completist and I love it!


What a fantastic nudge! I'm in! (You had me at that Dutch still life'ish cover.)
Seriously, though--I'm finding that despite however much I love or don't love a book, the Discussability of it is an increasing draw for me. Thanks!


I'll admit that I *did* worry about the dog quite a bit, especially during one scene (and I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about). It would have helped to have had this little spoiler before!




Very excited and book ordered from my favorite NH bookstore that I will not be able to visit this summer. See you in September! ;-)


I am still at the ~5wks mark on my waitlist. Sigh. I am excited to read it!

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