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Best Seat In the House

Long, long ago (many, many months ago) (so many months ago), Tom and I decided to reconfigure our library room to make it more comfortable for reading and relaxing; to make it more like a comfy den. We even decided to add a TV to the room, which is a Big Deal because we've long been a one-TV family, and that TV lives down in our basement family room (and sometimes, we go weeks without watching it). So this has been a big deal for us - lots of changes and a lot of thinking/considering went into the process.

We ordered two recliners for our new "den" -- to replace a couch that was never really a good fit for the room. And we asked Brian to design and build a custom TV table for us. (Which is gorgeous, and someday soon, I'll share that in a post. But not today. Because TV = still in box.)

But then . . . we had to wait.
It took such a long time for those chairs to arrive!
So long that I almost forgot about them. . . 

Finally, though . . . they are here!
(The furniture store blamed the delay on the pandemic and a surprise foam shortage. I joke that our chairs were stuck in the Suez Canal. Who knows?)


Once the chairs were all moved in and situated, I had Tom choose which one would be "his." Because I really didn't care which would "evolve" to be "mine". (They are the same chair, y'know?) And I knew that "ownership" would "evolve" even if it wasn't clearly defined from the get-go. Anyway, you can tell from the knitting bag . . . and the coffee cup . . . and the wool throw (because air conditioning vent) which chair turned out to be "mine."


I had no idea - until I sat there for a few moments - that "my" chair offers a Big Advantage! From my seat in that particular chair - and without moving at all - I can see my garden to the front (along with a view to the west that offers great sunsets).


AND . . . my garden to the back!


Without a doubt, this is the Best Seat In the House!
(And NO Take-Backsies, Tom!)


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I love those chairs! Dale and I bought new furniture in the fall of 2019 and it arrived right after Christmas. I'm so glad we did that before the pandemic because the 2 swivel/gliders we got have become our favorite place to meet up for a drink at the end of the day . . . when we aren't outside, that is. Did you get ride of that couch with the geometric design? I always liked that but I can see that 2 recliners and a big tv (get crackin' on that) will make for a really nice place to hang out.


We bought the exact same chairs! The kitchen table went and they are in front of the fireplace. You're going to be very happy there!


Oh, that's so nice, Kym!! Bonus with your new views!!




The chairs and all your views are perfect! We bought recliners for MD, and mine is right next to the big front window so I can also see lovely sunsets and birds nesting in the boxwood. We've always been a one TV family, and it's so nice to have other things to watch in addition to tv. Enjoy, and I can't wait to see Brian's custom tv table!


Who would have thought that foam would be the latest thing to have a shortage of?! Your new chairs look comfy and practical, and I think having the one by the window is also better for you because you can use all that great natural light to see your stitching.


I hope you enjoy your comfy new chairs and beautiful views! It looks for a perfect spot for knitting, reading, or just relaxing. Enjoy!


LOVE!!!! Those chairs look so comfy. And I can't wait to see what Brian comes up for you!


oh you for sure got the better view (curious what made Tom choose the one he did?!)


Oh boy - you do have the best seat in the house. How wonderful to have a den/library with a garden view. Enjoy!

kathy b

oh how fun to have us take a peek! Seeing the sunset from your chair is a dream! I do have a thing for oxb1ood . I think that is the co1or of your chairs. Your home 1ooks reay beautifu1


Good strategy! You ended up with the best seat for knitters - the one with the most natural light. But I ask, like Mary did, what made Tom decide on the other one? Was he being thoughtful of you as my husband can be of me? (Often when I least expect it.). Whatever it is, you lucked out! Great room!
Your furniture delivery story reminds me of a recent one of ours. We had been promised delivery of a somewhat expensive armchair about 8 weeks hence. Then the pandemic forced us to leave our vacation home several weeks earlier than planned, which meant too early to accept delivery of the chair which I already had decided was more expensive than we needed. BUT the store must have read my mind because the chair arrived precisely the day before we left for our main abode. How did Macy’s know that??


LOVE!! They are perfect! (and I love your views!!) I laughed right out loud at the foam shortage/Suez Canal lines!


If we wait everything turns out best (for us) in the end! That seat looks luxurious, relaxing, and happy! Love the look of the room and your views are magnificent!

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