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Tuesday Question

A Week Filled With . . . Questions

A while ago now . . . Carole invited her blog readers to ask her questions. Any questions. About anything. And, then, at some point in the future, she'd answer those questions in blog posts. I thought this was a brilliant idea! (And fun, too! It's always fun to hear stories.)

I thought I might follow Carole and do something similar.
Only . . . in reverse!

This week, I'm going to ask YOU questions.
You can answer in the comments.


Here's my Monday Question (which is really a series of related questions):

Happiness "guru" and author/podcaster Gretchen Rubin (who I have a rather love/hate relationship with, but will reserve that story for another day) has developed a framework for helping us understand ourselves (and others) better. Her Four Tendencies framework (complete with a quiz) is designed to help us achieve our goals and do the things we want to do in our lives by getting a handle on how we respond to expectations. 

Have you heard of Gretchen's Four Tendencies framework?
Have you taken the quiz?
What is your tendency?
And does that seem . . . right . . . to you?


As for me. . . well, I'm always interested in learning more about myself, so I think Gretchen's Four Tendenices framework is fascinating! I've taken the quiz, and I've read her Four Tendencies book, as well. Turns out I'm a Questioner . . . who "tips" Rebel sometimes. People who know me pretty well in real life think this is an accruate description of how I operate . . . and it feels right to me, too. I really don't like to do anything I haven't already decided to do, but if I decide to do something . . . I will do it. (But I probably won't do what you tell me to do.) (Or if I must do what you tell me to do, I'll probably make up my own rules for it.) 

How about YOU?
I'd love to hear about your experiences and what you think!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)


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I have heard of her but I have not taken the quiz or found out “what” I am. A rebel I suppose – LOL I shy away from things like this – rather than spend time finding out how to act to do what I want/need to do, I’d rather just do it. And yeah, don’t tell me how to do it because that will automatically make me do it a different way – hahaha. And yeah, I’ve tried to listen to her podcast once or twice, but she just annoys me….


Ha...I see what you did there. Your a questioner, so you get to ask the questions.
I too am a questioner.


I do know about the tendencies and while I wish it were not true, I am a full fledged Obliger. I read that book some time ago and then started learning about the Enneagram (I’m a 2) and knowing these tendencies has given me insight and helps me remember to be gentle with myself.


I'm definitely a questioner.

I did give up my e-mail address to get the results, but if I start getting bombarded with e-mails from this site I'm going to let you know how unhappy I am! No not really but I do hope that doesn't happen. I'm not sure why I even took this quiz because I would have known beforehand that I'm a questioner.

Kim in Oregon

I have heard of this but hadn't taken the quiz. I'm a rebel, by the way, mostly because I don't like to bind myself to others (kidding!) but really mostly because the other three answer choices were totally not me and rebel kind of comes close? I can also see myself as a questioner too. I think I might have become a rebel when the questioning didn't work out as I wanted it to!


Upholder over here. But you already knew that.


I could have written kayT's comment. I didn't want to take the test (I really dislike that sort of thing), but I decided to check what I already new because you're my friend. I'm a questioner. LOL


I'm a questioner and maybe a little bit of a rebel.

kathy b

Like Juliann, I read the Rubin thing a while ago. And like Juliann I am a 2 on the enneagram scale thing or whatever it is supposed to be called . I think the thing I most identify with was a scale that included people who love gifts. Thats me .. TO take and to give.
I have a sister who is perfectionist and cannot stand buying gifts . She hates the pressure. She doesnt shy from a shower list at a brides store or a baby shower, but holidays and birthdays she hates. She hides behind charitable donations in YOUR honor to HER charities. Thats' ass backwards. IF you want toggle a gift in my honor give it to someplace I honor or volunteer with.
That was a big answer...sorry


questioner with more upholder tendencies than rebel (but I'm guessing you knew that already!) Have you read Anne Bogel's Reading People? ( I found it fascinating! She presented a few new "typing" frameworks and helped me better understand the tried and true ones. (of course as a questioner, I also skimmed a few chapters ;-)


I have not read Rubin's book or listened to her podcast. The Enneagram Scale is more intriguing to me. My daughter and son-in-law participated in a zoom class on Enneagram and thought they pegged my personality quite well. Where does making and creating fit it in? That's more my jam.

Katie @ The Cozy Burrow

I'm a rebel and it fits me perfectly. Once someone expects me to do something, then I simply cannot do it. I'm a horrible book club member! (and daughter-in-law) And I'm enneagram type 4 - The Individualist. It fits.


I know I have taken the quiz, but I'm not completely sure I remember what my results were. I want to say Upholder, which sounds right -- I'm very much a rule follower, and that includes rules others have set and informal rules I've set for myself.


I'm an Upholder. Or at least that's how I've always quizzed out with GR. But I'm also in a place of much shift... so...maybe I'll retake it down the road!


FULL OUT Questioner with a tip of Rebel thrown in March to my own drummer!! since a child


Can I be a FLUCTUATOR? Maybe that makes me a Questioner! But seriously, I've been all of those things at different times of my life and, even now, I think I'm in flux as life situations change. I'm pretty sure there's always been a big Rebel component, though. I remember at my first FT job, my boss's name was Bob Denny... everyone in the office called him Bob, but I was supposed to call him Mr. Denny (and also wear an effing dress to work)... I just never called him anything. I'd just appear and AHEM or something to get his attention. Anyway, I don't mind taking quizzes and getting "typed," but I don't want to work at it or "improve" anything... whatever that means.

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