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Today's question . . . is about friendship. 

Who, that you still keep in touch with, is your oldest friend?
(The emphasis here is on the words that you still keep in touch with.)

As for me . . . well, I can only stretch back to my college days for my oldest friend that I still keep in touch with! It's my friend, Beth. We first met at a panhellenic event early in our freshman year (we were each pledge class presidents for our respective sororities -- she was a Pi Phi and I was a Tri Delt). We were both elementary education majors, and had a lot of classes together . . . and we just generally hit it off. After college, we lived in nearby towns in Colorado (for a few years; before Tom and I were off to Texas, and she and her husband headed back to Wyoming). We were in each others' weddings. We vacationed in Mexico together. We were pregnant at the same time. For a few years she lived in Wyoming again, and we could visit when Tom and I went back to see family. Now, she and her husband live in Idaho, and we haven't seen each other in years. But we still stay in touch -- with good old fashioned letters!

How about YOU?
I can't wait to hear your stories!


(And if you have any questions you'd like me to answer in a future blog post . . . well. Go ahead. Ask!)




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I have thought a lot about friendship, especially with the pandemic and retirement. So today’s question is good. I recently met up with a friend and her husband. They live on the East coast but were traveling and camping in our area so we met for lunch along their path. I met this woman when we were in second grade. Our families were very good friends. We lost touch after high school - life took us to very different places. We reconnected about 10 years ago when I finally joined Facebook although we both had heard about one another because our dads were still very good friends. Over the last 10 years, we have kept in touch by email, some snail mail, a few text messages and phone calls and some in person visits when I was in NYC. We are very different but we have that connection from those growing up years is a strong one.


I met my friend Tish when we were both in 2nd grade and had the chicken pox at the same time. We've been friends for 48 years and we still see each other occasionally, mostly when our mutual friend Tracey (I didn't meet her until 3rd grade) comes to Massachusetts to visit her parents. My longest friendship that's really important in my life still is the one with Doreen. We've been friends since our freshmen year of college and she's the closest thing I have to a sister.


What a lovely story, Kym! :)

My oldest friend that I am still in touch with is Karen... a friend I met originally through Plurk, about 15 years ago. We quickly discovered that we had much in common and loved to do all the same things! We can talk for hours on the phone, but the best times were ones where we spent the entire day at the Michigan Fiber Festival... surrounded by all.the.wool! We are each other's knitting encourager, we listen to each others joys and woes of our kids, and she is the best keeper of all the secrets (a friend is one you can tell everything to... and she is absolutely that!)


My closest friendships were made in college and at work. The oldest friends I've kept in touch with go back to freshman year at college when I met Mindy & Pam. We write letters at Christmas and keep in touch via email.
I've re-connected with several childhood friends via a facebook group for our 50th HS reunion coming up next year, and although it's fun to reminisce, I wouldn't consider these people close friends and I doubt I will go to the reunion.


My oldest friend (or, as my mother would say, my friend of longest standing -- because she's actually younger than I am!) was actually my first friend. We lived across the street from each other growing up and our parents were close, and the families have stayed close even after they moved to Erie, then Michigan (Grosse Pointe), then the D.C. area. In fact, for many years, her family had mine for Christmas (it's a Christmas tradition to have your Jewish friends over, right?). We've since been in each other's weddings and gotten together periodically for other big events or when she's in town to visit family. Now she lives in Denver with her husband and three boys, and her parents just moved out there, so I'm sure once we feel safe to travel again, we will be making a trip out there!

Kim in Oregon

Oldest friend is my friend Jimmy, who lived down the street from me when I was growing up. He was actually friends with my brother Bart but for various reasons spent a lot of time at our house. We always sort of kept in touch via my brother, but when I moved to Boston when I was 30 he was also living there, and we spent a lot of time together and became very close friends. So that's 60 years of friendship--we still text and talk on the phone every other month or so.


That would be Leslie! We have been friends since we were 12...so just about 56 years. We were in each other's weddings. We both have one child - her daughter Jaimie and my son Colin. They were born on the same day...just 12 years apart. She now lives in NC and I'm in PA, but we talk on the phone regularly, we text, we email and also send snail mail and cards.


If you had asked me this question four years ago I would have said the closet friends I keep in touch with are from college. There is a core group of lovely ladies that live within 30 minutes of each other and we are in regular contact. However, 4 years ago was my 50th high school reunion and the the town did a big celebration with all 5 high schools ( some private) combined. One of my classmates did a great search to reunite our small class from an all girls school. In before times we would gather for lunch and message each other regularly. I’m so looking forward to seeing these ladies again in person!


My oldest friend, Ella. We met when we were 10 years old in 1967. I had just moved into the neighborhood and we started playing together on the street, riding our bikes, playing soccer with other kids, etc. We were together every day through our teen age years. Then she moved to the US and we moved to Germany. We kept in touch writing letters and finally I was able to visit her in SFO in the 80s. She moved to NYC after the big earthquake and I moved to California a few years later. Again writing and visiting from east to west coast USA. Now, we both live in Southern California only 90 miles apart. We talk often and visit as much as possible. She will always be my best friend, my sister.

Helen Mathey-Horn

My oldest friend is from HS. We were in different years but the same club (Outdoor Club - hiking, canoeing, environmental concerns). We were on a canoe trip together as canoe partners and the best memory was using our canoe and a plastic sheet to make a shelter one raining night under which we combined/shared all the 'treats' we had been saving. We were in each other's weddings, went different ways, but kept in touch and still best friends today. If I buy a Christmas present/birthday present for anyone it is for her and when I visit she has the same for me. We both like gardening (Monarch butterflies) and needle crafts.


I met my friend, Mike, when we were in kindergarten at North Hills Elementary. We had most of the same teachers until I moved away from North Hills at the beginning of 9th grade. There were several years when I didn't see him.

I saw him once when we were both sitting in the E.R. waiting room at the local hospital. That was pre-internet. Then when Facebook became a *thing* we reconnected.

He and his wife, Beth, moved to Orlando a several years back and we got together frequently. Beth is one of my best friends. They wanted to move to be near Disney and liked the area we lived in. They purchased a home just a bit over a mile from us. We got together frequently back then, but they always knew when Steve retired we would move away from Orlando. I think they are still happy that they moved there.

We keep in touch mostly through Facebook and Instagram, but I text with Beth quite often.

Hoping to see them in the fall when they come up to Pennsylvania for a visit.


This topic reminds me of those Chicken Soup stories - warm, human, and often inspirational. My oldest friend - after a gap of about 25 years - I met when we were about three-years-old at a day care facility where our moms were good friends. She moved away when we were in our mid-teens, then one day a whole lifetime and two cities later, she phoned me to say she was visiting the town where I then lived (our moms had kept in touch) and we made arrangements to meet. We talked until midnight. Although we were never really close as children - our moms seemed like the only common denominator - we learned how much we influenced each other as teens without knowing it and how much our lives overlapped through the years. We have met each others’ husbands and beautiful and spirited daughters and, although vastly divergent in our youth, our lives have come full circle to have achieved similar goals, developed the same philosophies and share the same active and healthy (knock-on-wood) retirement lifestyles. I haven’t discussed this with her, but I am sure we both wake up each day truly thankful - after all of life’s traumas and detours - that we are given this one more day to live life to the fullest. How lucky my oldest friend and I are! Chloe


I met my best friend of 43 years at work. Her older brother hired me to work as a typesetter in their family business -- there were two other brothers & a sister also employed there, and eventually a nephew. She's a little bit older than me, already married when we met, and nurtured me out of my shell. I am godmother to her eldest son. Several years ago I began working for her husband, who has recently retired and now I'm employed by my godson! Ha. Our lives are pretty different, but we have enough shared interests/history... and we both know that the other is there, anytime & always.


My longest-term friendship with someone I'm not related to is Sue ... we met through work just after I was married and before I had babies. We worked together for another 20 years and our friendship helped us navigate some really tough working situations. We've both since retired, and haven't lived in the same city since 2003, but we have regular FaceTime calls and share the occasional text or email. We are planning to see each other in person again ... soon!


My oldest friendship is with Julie. We met in kindergarten way back in 1974. After living up and down the West Coast for the last 20+ years I moved back to the Midwest last week and now live just 10 minutes away from her.


Many friends are "older" friends than my BFF Shelley. Shelley and I have been through many of life's ups and downs together. She has been a rock, a sound piece, and one I can always, always count on. We met in 1986 at a needlepoint shop (and guild) and became friends immediately. We keep in contact on the phone (if we have a couple of hours to spare) and have lunch regularly. She's a #1 friend, tried and true.

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