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A Different Kind of Canvas

Here in blogland, Wednesdays are typically a day we share what we're making. Usually with yarn. But sometimes we share other kinds of making . . . sewing, quilting, painting, embroidery. 

For me, in the summer, I don't always have so many of those more "traditional" making kinds of projects to share. Because my time gets eaten up in different ways during the summer months, and I don't find as much time to sit and knit or stitch -- or paint. In fact, just last night I canceled out of my weekly watercolor class. I explained to my instructor that . . . I just didn't have anything to share. I hadn't done my homework. And I didn't think I could sit still long enough for 3 hours to engage with the lesson for the week. (I really shouldn't have signed up for the summer session in the first place. I usually don't. I know better. Oh, well. . . )

I used to feel bad about walking away from my regular pastimes during the summer (holding on to those expectations and arbitrary rules much?), but I don't really anymore.

I've come to accept that I'm just . . . working with another type of fiber.
A different kind of canvas, you might say.


This is my wild-and-woolly, volunteers welcome, follow-no-rules pollinator garden. (It's a certified Monarch Waystation.) It's a great example of a different kind of making -- and it really does tick off all of my "making" boxes. I've got . . . 

Playing with color.


And texture.


Moving my hands in a productive way.


And soothing my soul.


Plus, there is the added benefit of knowing I'm "doing good" by creating a welcoming space for the pollinators of the world!


(And dogs.)


I may not be able to wear it . . . or gift it . . . or hang it on my wall.
But it's a kind of canvas all the same!


How about you? What are you making this week?


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I have always set aside many of my indoor crafts for garden and hiking time in the summer. They nurture the soul in similar ways. Our local garden center is offering a webinar on starting a pollinator garden so I hope to have this canvas in my garden too. Love your garden photos.


Summer is a different sort of making time, and you're doing a great job with your garden canvas. We would be in a much different world without pollinators, and I'm glad you're helping them. And way to go with letting go of those arbitrary rules and expectations. I'm going to try and follow your example!


How wonderful to see this unique garden as a canvas. It really is a place you are making, creating and enjoying to its fullest!


Beautiful canvas. Definitely ticks the 'make' boxes! So lovely and serene.


Perfect. It's such a treat to see your gardens. I'm chugging on Weekender and wanted to let you know Doug let me keep 4 milkweed! (They are out front so I kind of get it!)


This is a great riff on making! I'm making a sweater. :-)


I saw my first monarch butterfly of the year today -- so it seems pretty appropriate to be reading your post now! I think it makes sense that your artistic pursuits (knitting, sewing, painting, etc.) take a back seat at this time of year. You're still creating, but you're doing it outside, and I know all the pollinators are glad that you're doing it!


happy sigh. your garden is looking lovely right now! and nothing I could dream to knit or sew could being to compare ... but I do wish I could find some yarn in just that shade or orange!!


Your garden is indeed a different canvas. If summer gardening and being outdoors fills your soul, go for it. I am apt to break arbitrary rules when it comes to making. How else to be creative than by breaking rules. A pollinator garden is such a grand idea.


We have LOTS of bumblebees at our echinacea plants! I even saw a few HONEYBEES as well. That's the first time we've had honeybees in our garden.


Your garden looks lovely and really, could there be a more beautiful canvas? My indoor projects always lag in the summer. I've had lots of bumblebees on my flowers, but no butterflies yet. Enjoy!


More garden love. Thank you for the pollinator garden tour today!


Glorious, Kym! I am trying to work out a space in our small yard that I can do something similar (if I can ever win the war with Virginia Creeper...gah!) I think this is making of the best sorts!


Beautiful!! It's been so darn rainy here that I haven't been back to my garden in a while, so it's really nice to enjoy a part of yours. :)


Your garden(s) are lovely! My small one needs to be weeded -- the weeds are taller than some of the plants!

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