Even Up North
On Filling the Emptiness

Working From Home

We've been up at our cabin this week . . . and we've come home for a day before turning around and heading back. (Gotta pick up the mail. Water my containers. Check out the garden. Go to the library.) (And do something extra exciting, too!*)

Before heading up north last week, though, I was busy . . . working from home.
My office . . . 


I finally got my containers planted!


Those photos are all a week old now. I'm amazed at how much/how quickly things have filled in since then! It's hot and dry here this summer, so I'm not sure how they'll do longer term. Especially because I'm not here every day to water. But I have a trick up my sleeve! (I just received some self-watering "devices" I'm going to try. I'll keep you posted.)


*And now . . . for the excitement!

Tonight, we pick up our California girl at the airport for a week's visit. I can hardly contain myself! We haven't seen her since Christmas 2019!


I'll be taking a blog break next week . . . to enjoy every moment of Erin's visit. See you in a week! Enjoy yourselves!



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I did guess right!! ENJOY Erin's visit - I know you will be having fun.

Love your containers too - so cute. Hope they survive.


Your containers look great! And have a wonderful visit with you daughter. That is very exciting news.


Have a wonderful visit Kym and Tom! Welcome back to MI Erin!


I am SO HAPPY for you all!! Have a fabulous week! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Enjoy your time with your California girl. Our Cali boy is coming for a visit in late August, and like you, we haven’t seen him since late 2019.


Your containers are looking beautiful. I use water storing crystals in mine (when I remember) and they help a lot. When I'm not here I have Sean come and water and that's a huge help. Also, I have that exact same head/face planter! I put a succulent in mine and it looks like she has a wild hairdo. I don't have to tell you to enjoy your visit because I know you will.


Your containers look great! The plants look wonderful, but I really like the "extras" (that little owl, stones, and the sun). But what I like best is that Erin is coming for a visit! Enjoy every single moment!


Sure don't need to tell you to enjoy your week with Erin :) But I will! Enjoy!! And I'm loving your containers. All of them. But especially the succulents in the blue'ish container and the 'open your mind' pot. I always admire--or, honestly, drool--over ferns. I hesitate, though, since we're one all summer. Seems a tall order to ask someone else to keep them alive. Are they a bit fragile? Or no? Happy Cabin Time!


Wishing you a week of joy, fun and lots of hugs! Lovely containers. I could use a watering system as well.


Your containers look great and I hope they all survive! I hope mine survive the week I am away, I do have a neighbor that has agreed to water them as needed.
I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your daughter!


What wonderful news! Enjoy the visit with Erin. You got a lot of stored up hugs to give.

P.S. That little owl in the container is A-dorable!


Have so much fun! We got most of a week with our son last month for the first time since the end of 2019 as well. Our post-vaccination travel plans mostly involve visits to our kids - that was a long time. . .


I'm sure you won't let her out of your sight for every minute she's with you (well...almost). So thrilled for you!


Oooh, so exciting! I hope you all have a wonderful time!

kathy b

Erin is so so lovely! Hooray. I know how those reunions feel. COvid made it all so difficult and made us have to stay apart when we wished most that we could be together. Good green thumb. Self watering device has my interest


Your containers are gorgeous! But YAY for Erin's visit! Enjoy your break... every second of it! XO


I saw Erin on your Instagram and HOPED she'd be around for a long visit - ENJOY!!

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