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Even Up North

Summer Ease

I am all about the ease this summer. 

No big plans. No big events. No big expectations. Just . . . ease.

Kick back.
See what unfolds.
And drink it in.

That's my plan.

My knitting right now is all about ease, too.


This is the back piece (now complete) of this summer tank top. The yarn I'm using - Berroco Mantra (stonewash variety; it also comes in solid colors) - is 100% silk. It knits like a dream. It drapes like a dream. I'm hoping it fits like a dream. 

It's a perfect project when your goal is . . . summer ease.


How about you?
What are you making right now?


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100% silk sounds like a dream to knit and wear! I'm working on sweater sleeves (well, the first one, at the moment) and a stockinette sock, both of which are definitely ease-y knitting!


Mostly I am making a mess - dumping fabric and yarn and patterns to sort. Then moving outside and digging and moving dirt and plants. But it sure it fun.


Summer ease sounds like a wonderful mantra (no pun intended) for the season, and that top in that yarn are just perfect for summer knitting! I'm quite taken with that yarn and am off to see if I might need to knit something with it.


Silk yarn in a flowing top sounds perfect. Mantra looks really, really comfortable too. Love the color you are using. I may need to take a look at that yarn - it's gotta be easier on my hands than Sugar & Cream for dishcloths!! LOL


Oooh, that sounds -- and looks -- wonderful!!


ON the needles are two pair of socks. But in my mind I am thinking Weekender Light. I have the pattern. I have the yarn and wouldn't it be lovely to have a new sweater for fall. I think I could do it if I start soon.


That is looking very nice and I bet that silk yarn is wonderful to knit! I have finally finished my big clean up of my sewing room and have gotten back to my heartwarmer cowl and am about half way through.


That silk and top are so tempting! But I will stick to finishing my red Boxy at home and knitting blue hats in the car. Because I.Am.Being.So.Very.Conscentious. next summer?


It has been so hot this week that I haven't even picked up my Aperture stole. Once I decide on a sock pattern for Hannah's wedding socks I will be knitting socks - for me they are the perfect summer knitting project.

kathy b

That is just lovely. I can see you wearing it!! The color and the stockinette and ease are a perfect blend.
Im knitting a toy bear


oooh, that tank looks perfect for you ... and what's not to love about 100% silk?!? I'm still working (slowly - you know it's hard to make progress on hand knits when your hands are holding books!) on the little white cardigan and a sock. and thinking I might actually finish both in the next week!


Yes to ease!
I’m ripping out a cotton apron at the moment...hope to be knitting it back up lakeside! With a chilled glass nearby!


How have I missed that cute top! I love the color you chose and knitting with silk is such a treat! I am working on cutting out a few more brims for Win's Summer Hat Collection!


Looks like a fantastic summer knit. Ease in the summer sounds amazing.

For us, the next few weeks are busy with house building meetings, then a break until construction starts in October. We are looking forward to a couple of daytrips to the beach.

My knitting consists of The Shift and TWO Affiknity sweaters by Patty Lyons, that I cast on last evening. I've got them both on the same long circular. They're knit in pieces; I'm on the back. Christmas presents for my son and my son- in law. Luckily one lives in Nashville and the other in Seattle, so they won't be wearing them together very often...


Summer ease sounds exactly right - especially for this summer. Enjoy. I may look at that yarn - it sounds dreamy.


I’ve always liked Martha Wissing’s designs. Working on a lacy cotton top to throw on with blue jeans. Going for that elusive ‘artless’ look. Time will tell…


You're doing summer right! A perfect project, which will become the perfect garment to wear, and the attitude of calm and delight. Perfect, Kym!

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