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Rocking the COVID Hair

The New Yorker did a special photo feature last week . . . The Unexpected Beauty of COVID Hair. It's pretty fabulous to see all that gray!

Several of my local friends decided to just let their gray hair grow out during the pandemic. A couple of them are leaving it; a couple of them have decided to go back to coloring. As for me? Well. I already had the gray thing going with my hair. (That was a post-chemo thing for me, when I decided I didn't want to waste my time, energy, and money coloring my hair any more, so my hair has been gray since 2009 when it grew back.) But it's been fun to feel "in sisterhood" with all the others using the pandemic as an opportunity to grow out those roots.

I didn't need to "go gray" during the pandemic (since already did that), but I did use the pandemic as a "cover" while growing my hair longer.

I had actually decided to grow my hair out some months before the pandemic arrived. I had a style in mind back then -- something "to grow for" -- and my hair stylist was helping me "manage" my hair so I could get there - eventually - without looking like a feral animal in the process. 

Here I was . . . back in mid-February 2020 . . . right after (what - surprise! - turned out to be) my last haircut for a very long time! (I thought it was long then. Just sayin.)


I didn't get my haircut again until I had it trimmed up a few months ago. By then, I'd gone through several awkward stages, grown out my bangs, and completely given up on that style I was working toward before the the pandemic hit. (Because who needs to fuss with a round brush and flat iron every day, huh?)

My hair now? At this end of the pandemic?


My hair hasn't been this long since, oh . . . 1983?

Friends ask me . . . what are you going to do with it now that you can get a haircut? And I have no answer. I just don't know. I have no plan for my hair. It's far easier to deal with now than it was when it was fussy and required styling every day in the Before Times. I like being able to pull it back in a ponytail. And I got through the hard part of growing it out when I wasn't going anywhere or seeing anyone anyway. (Besides, Tom says my hair reminds him of Emmylou Harris now. And that is NOT a bad thing.)

So I think I'll just keep going with it for awhile and see where it lands.

(Kinda like I did after chemo.)
Apparently I mark challenging times with a change of 'do.


How about you? Are you rocking any COVID hair?


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I had a hair cut in early March 2020 and not even a trim until a week ago. I have decided to keep it shoulder length so I can pull it back if I want to. My hair is baby fine and perfectly straight and I find it so much easier to care for at this length. I stopped coloring my gray a couple of years ago and I'm happier with my hair now than I've been in a long time!
Your hair looks fantastic!


Ha! Your hair does remind me of Emmy Lou Harris too - wonderful! As for me, my Covid hair is almost waist length (yikes). All I do is pull it back into a ponytail which I find boring and washing it is a PITA. I need to find a salon, but I'm thinking a shoulder length bob or - GASP - even shorter. But that's me, I've gone really, really short (think Robin Wright in House of Cards) and then I let it grow and grow till it's really long and then chop it all off again. My hair grows very quickly. I have not colored or highlighted my hair in years and it is grey in places (all around my face), so I'm curious to see how it looks once it's chopped!


You (and your hair) look wonderful! One of the first things I did once I was fully vaccinated was to get my hair cut. I had been trimming it myself for 18 months or so and it was a mess. The stylist and I started talking, and before I knew it, it was a bit too short. I know it will grow, but barely being able to put it in a ponytail when it's hot and humid (like this week) is kind of awful. So I'll be growing my hair out (or maybe just cutting it really short if I can no longer stand it on my neck this summer)!


I do like regular hair cuts because my hair gets draggy when it's too long. But I can't picture ever going back to shorter hair with bangs because longer and layers is just so easy. I used to do highlights but I've never done all over color on my hair and I haven't even done highlights in about 5 years. The gray is coming in but I don't mind it at all. YOU are rocking the Emmy Lou look!


Your hair looks fabulous! Mine has the salt and pepper look which I am not fond of so I will be going back to dyeing it dark brown for the summer and fall.


Such a good look on you Kym! I was able to have cut and color the entire time (hairdresser with a very small clientele out of her home) and am so regretting it. I wish I'd had the courage to just let it go. One of these days!


You/your hair looks amazing!! Mine has been quite long for years, but is now longer than it's ever been in my life -- to my waist, for sure. It's a bit long, and I even had an appointment a few weeks ago, but it was the very same day that we took Kate to the airport for her move to the UK... I couldn't handle anything drastic, so it was the teeniest (and most expensive) trim ever!! Ha. It really needs several inches lopped off. And YES to the ponytail!! If I live to 125, my hair will be long enough to pull into a ponytail!


I have “trimmed” my hair at home with the help of my daughter’s skills but I am hold off for a it longer before I go for a cut. it is definitely longer than it was and I am giving myself time to learn to live with the length. I think your hair looks great - the before and the after!


First, I LOVE your long(er) hair! You and I were both blessed with COVID being a silver lining to try something new. You grew yours out, and I let mine go totally and completely curly. I got it cut on Friday and I'll share a photo soon ... I am so happy to have that "thing" behind me and looking forward to embracing the rest of my life with silver curls!


Your hair is really pretty. It is such a bright white.

Mine is bright white in places and still brown in places -- very patchy. I'm fine with that. I have ALWAYS had super short hair, but I am trying to grow it out at least long enough to make a ponytail and get it off my face. I'm tired of every 4 - 6 week haircuts and here in PA is $$$ to get a good cut.


Your hair looks really nice that length, Kym. And it does look a lot like Emmy Lou Harris. I've always liked her hair. I imagine you will keep it that length for a while. I loved it when - years ago - I had long hair. Until one day it stopped working for me. Nowadays I aim for "chic" which can be achieved by a variety of price points. I hate it when the good cutters - or I - move elsewhere.


I absolutely love your hair, Kym. I know many women (my mother among them) who have persisted in coloring their hair because their gray is drab. You have that gorgeous, luminous silver, and it looks stunning on you (and I like it long -- I actually think that you look younger now, for whatever that's worth to you). I am happy with my increasing grays and have no plans to cover them up. But I do sometimes get annoyed that my hair seems to understand that I'm getting older while my skin still thinks I'm a teenager!


Yes, I am absolutely rocking the COVID (hot mess currently) hair. I am at a point where I need to do something... it needs some help. LOL (And I have not colored in years and I love my streaky silvery hair!)


Your hair looks great, but I think you are beautiful with any hairstyle.

I grew out my gray during COVID and my shoulder length hair got way-below-bra-strap. Although it was great not to worry about the time and money involved in covering roots, after much thought I recently had it cut and colored back to "normal". I had always intended to continue to color it as long as I am working. After reflection, that is still my choice. And my natural dirt-gray color is not pretty nor does it flatter my skin tone.

But if I had your hair color, I would likely have kept it. Hugs!

kathy b

My Covid Hair is so so bad. I cannot get into a girl for a coloring for another 10 days. I d like to grow it a bit, but I bet she talks me into a good shaping!Yours is wonderful

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