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In the summer, I get busy in my garden, and with the back-and-forth of going up north . . . and my "making" slows way down. And . . . I'm really just fine with that! Stitching, after all, is just one - of many - leisurely pursuits for me.

But I actually finished something recently. Way back in May, you might remember I showed you this photo . . . 

IMG_3852 2

I was going to stitch up this top.
Months ago, now.

Finally stitched it up last weekend!


Now . . . I don't always like to wear woven tops or shirts. (I prefer stretchy knits and t-shirts for comfort and easy movement.) But I'm gonna tell you, this Remy Raglan pattern has kinda changed my thinking. When I got finished sewing, I did a try-on . . . and ended up wearing the shirt all day long! In total comfort and ease. (See above.)

Now I'm plotting and scheming to make more!


(Still needs a button.)

This pattern is (fairly) quick to make (I always hesitate to make that statement, because I'm an experienced seamstress and your mileage may vary). The instructions are clear. And there are some nifty techniques that really finish this shirt off "professionally" (all the seams are French seams, for example). Also . . . the possibilities for "playing around" with this design are endless. (Just take a look at the #remyraglan hashtag on Instagram for some true inspiration.)

Anyway. Great outcome for this top! I'm glad I finally made the time to stitch it up.

In knitting news . . . well. I'm still plugging along with the same old thing


Slow Leisurely progress is progress all the same.


How about you? What are you making this summer?


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I have this pattern and lots of fabric. Hoping for a few cooler days so I can get into my sewing room and do some stitching.


That is a cute top and looks perfect for this stretch of extremely humid weather we've been having. I don't even want to touch my knitting or stitching until the weather cools down a bit!


That is a simple yet stunning top! I'm not much of a sewist, but I'm really tempted to give it a try. That's probably after all the moving and associated chores are done, so it might not be until the end of August or into September. But it's just the sort of thing I can see myself wearing and yours looks perfect perfect - the fabric and the fit!


That is a REALLY cute top and it looks very comfy and cool.
What a pretty fabric.


The top looks great on you! Love that fabric. I'm very much in a spinning and crocheting moment, but I have a feeling the knitting mojo will pop back up this weekend (a long car trip always seems better when I'm knitting).


Love your new top Kym. The pattern looks great (and I LOVE French seams) and the fabric is so pretty. I confess that if I drag our my machine and attempt to sew in the summer heat/humidity I just end up getting cranky and nasty and annoyed - LOL. (no central air here)


That top is great and it suits you so well!


Based on your inspiration I am plugging along on my Weekender. Leisurely is a perfect description. Love the top Kym...thinking sewing may be a part of my re-launch 10/15/21!


I am plugging along on my Boxy. Back is done to the shoulders, and front is done partway up the armhole. Still have to do sleeves. It is such a relaxing knit -- all stockinette


Oh no, Kym, you’ve got me thinking of sewing again ( and takes up my whole weekend.) But it might motivate me to haul out and get acquainted with my brand new basic Singer which I was forced to purchase upon the demise of my old one. Your Remyraglan does look really comfy with the slightly loose fit and the fabric itself looks so cool-feeling. Also, it has an elegance about it. I will do French seams, but, being a lazy sewist, I won’t necessarily be happy about it. Worth it, though. (I sound like Vera). My favorite patterns have always been Very Easy Very Vogue. A lot of bang for my buck. Looking forward to your Next Remy!


Woven fabric is cooler than knit, to my thinking and Remy looks to be the perfect summer top!


What Margene said! and I love the fabric/color of your top. I had thoughts about sewing for summer, but reality is now that I'll be sewing for fall and maybe even winter. Hopefully in another month or so I'll have a better idea what life will look like in Sept/Oct and that will make it easier to plan... meanwhile, I'm knitting. Leaving my house has created a need for cardigans again :-)


So cute, Kym! I love it! (I have the pattern and need to get moving on a bit of sewing!)


I bought a "kit" for a t-shirt (with a bird on it, for any Portlandia fans) from Alabama Chanin - I haven't done any sewing their way - though I've had one of her pattern books for a while. I haven't started it yet -- after summer school, I think. But knitting away on a blanket for the newly weds.


Cute top! Looks so comfortable. I've never tried French seams, though understand the concept.

My sewing time has been limited to weekend mornings (since the new year it seems) fashioning a slipcover for our 1993 Ethan Allen sofa. Changing it from the Living Room sofa into the family room couch (no living room since we sold the house). Just a few pieces at a time. Maybe I'll finish this weekend. Thankful for a patient husband...

Still knitting the two Affinknity sweaters (son and son-in-law Christmas presents) at a time on a long interchangeable needle. Here in Fl, we live in AC for six months of the year so sweater knitting can go on year 'round. My Shift cowl gets the occasional love when I'm too brain dead to follow a cable pattern.


Very cute! January One Cara finally broke me down on those Musselburgh hats, so I actually bought the yarn to knit it. And I sewed a successful drawstring bag with a flat bottom and I might make another.


The top is darling. I like the fabric you chose. Sewing is on my list for summer so I guess I should get started. I love this pattern with its simple classic lines.

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