The Gardening Post Where I Lose My PG Rating
Strong Roots

It's Been A Long, Long Time

I haven't done a Start Your Engines post in a very, very long time. I keep an Evernote file, and when I come across an article or link that might be interesting and fun for Start Your Engines, I file it away. Over the weekend, I decided to take a peek and see what I had saved. There actually weren't very many things that were relevant or timely, and I guess that doesn't surprise me too much. Things get outdated quickly in that sort of file (use-it-or-lose-it), and most of the stuff I had saved . . . was well past its shelf life! 

But. There were a few things in there that are worth sharing.
It's Monday. Time to . . . 



"Everything in life is a vibration."
            --- Albert Einstein

IMG_4747 3


Getting the Words Right


Earlier this month, I read this Guide to Gender Identity Terms from NPR. I found it to be an especially helpful, useful resource -- and I thought you might like it, too. I think understanding and using proper terms for gender identity, including pronouns, is an important signal of courtesy and acceptance. And that's my goal in all things. This guide is worth a read -- and worth saving as a reference.




So. Here we are, sort of at the other end of the Covid-Times, and maybe . . . ready to entertain again. Maybe? Tom and I weren't quite ready to jump in with our annual (well, it used to be an annual event) Summer Solstice party, but I did have a friend over for lunch a couple of weeks ago. Anyway. If you're thinking about dipping your toe into the waters of having-friends-over-for-dinner again, here's a timely article from the Washington Post from earlier this month, with tips for hosting a post-vaccine dinner party. There are recipes, too . . . but I'm really sharing it here for the post-vaccine entertaining tips.


Make Something Kinda Futzy

IMG_4818 2

Okay. So I'm a total sucker for the futzy-knits, I know. But when I saw this free pattern show up on my Instagram feed, I just had to share. Because . . . knitted cacti! So much fun! (It also doesn't look as futzy as some things.)



On Reading


I see that many of you are just flying through the books this summer! So many BINGOs already! It's absolutely dizzy-ing! If you're interested in picking up your pace even more -- or if you goal is just to read a little more, even if it's not speedy -- check out this list of "reading more" tips from (very cool) author Austin Kleon. (And pay special attention to the first thing on his list. Just sayin.)



And with that . . . we're off! 

Welcome to Monday.
I hope yours is off to a great start!


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I love those clever cacti!
A friend hosted her in-laws recently, her first hosted dinner since the before times. She reported back that it was her 'second worst dinner ever--second only to the year [her] Thanksgiving turkey was raw in the middle!' We had a good laugh over it--but also saw it for what it was....that if we don't use some things, we really can lose them. For me, I'm definitely starting small and simple. Like drinks + dessert.
Cheers to a good week!


Those are clever cacti! (and so cute!!)

I loved that NPR pronouns post... I have it bookmarked and have revisited it a number of times. I agree... I want to be counted in the number of those that are respectful and accepting, so retraining my brain is a very good thing!

I also nodded at several of the tips for hosting. So much to think about...


Okay, LOL about those cacti - and won't be at all surprised to see a garden of them appear in your home :-) and LOVE that how to read more list. especially #1 and #5 (talking about books and reading is one of my very favorite things to talk about!)


It seems the only thing I can talk about these days is a book, or many books, and sharing titles with friends. I've only 1 Bingo, but I know I'll have a coverall when Labor Day comes by just reading what I have on hand. No rush.
The pronoun article is very helpful!


I want to see cacti everywhere! Have fun! They don't look (too) difficult to do.


Those cacti are adorable!!


Those cactus are so YOU! Maybe we should have a betting pool on how many you will make? LOL And yes to post covid entertaining. We've dipped our toes in and it's lovely. I love the advice to quit reading books you don't like. It's an essential key to reading more!


Thank you for the gender identity terms link. John's work is trying to figure this out and right now they seem to be floundering. I've forwarded it to him so he can get it to people that need to know (which is really everyone)!

Why do people read books they don't like? Someday I'll keep track of all the books I start and abandon that never make it to goodreads. There are many!


Those cacti are so cute, but definitely not for moi to make - LOL Hope to see you posting a full garden of them sometime. I used to be one of those people who, if I started a book, I HAD to finish it. I gave up that practice (thankfully) years ago. Life is too short and there are too many wonderful books to struggle with one that is not appealing for one reason or another.


We have only tentatively started getting together with others -- mainly family and close friends, often outside. We're still being careful because we still have an unvaccinated child in our house (I think that's something that a lot of people are forgetting, that even though many people are vaccinated, there are still plenty who can't be yet). I know it's going to take me a while yet to really feel comfortable in larger groups and crowds; I wasn't so comfortable in crowds even before COVID. I think we probably all have a little anxiety, even if we're excited to be around people again, so taking it slow is a good idea.

I am trying to be better about not reading books I don't like! Unfortunately I often want to finish a book even if I'm not liking it because I need to know how it ends!


I like the book list and heartily endorse not finishing a book I don't like. Easy does it as we enter into the social milieu again. I think everyone gets to proceed with what makes them comfortable. As my grandchildren are not vaccinated yet, I am with Sarah. I feel cautiously optimistic though.


I wonder if The Beach Boys were readers of Einstein?? Love the cacti. Clever idea with the sewing pins for spines- I hadn't seen that one before - unless you have a cat. The idea of not being able to abandon a boring book is foreign to me. I am rule-bound in many things but thankfully not that.


It is always great to hear your virtual voice. That NPR article was a great refresher. I'd always wondered about the origins of cis.

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