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Garden Explosion

"In early June the world of leaf and blade and flowers explodes and every sunset is different."
                --- John Steinbeck


This is truly a wonderful time of the season in my garden.
John Steinbeck was right. Leaf and blade and flowers . . . everything is exploding right now! The Bloom Show is about to begin.

Last night, as the sun was beginning to go down, the dogs and I headed out to water the trees. We're having a terrible drought here in my corner of the world; most unusual for this time of year. And, sadly, my sprinkler system is not up to the task and we're having trouble getting anyone out to look into it. Covid, they say. Short-staffed, they say. Let's just say . . . I'm dragging hoses to the garden beds and giving up on the grass.



Things in the garden are looking good.

The plants have grown up enough to cover up the (never-ending, always-growing) weeds. Plus, Tom's freshly laid mulch helps! And the flowers are beginning to put on their show.


Lots of purples right now. (And I really wish you could smell that wisteria. The whole backyard smells divine.)


(This is Baptisia, or wild indigo. It doesn't bloom for long, but it's glorious at the moment.)

My Satomi dogwood is really putting on a great show this year, too.


I love dogwood trees . . . but the Satomi is my favorite. It blooms later and for longer than most dogwoods, and while the flowers are white at the beginning, they gradually turn pink as the show continues. It's pretty fabulous.


I really love this time of year in the garden.

IMG_4273 2

So much hope. So much promise. 
(So much work.)

But now is the time for the payoff.


JoJo thinks so, too!


Have a lovely weekend, everyone.
(Mine will be lovely . . . once I get some dental work done later this morning. Ugh. I cracked a tooth and now need an unexpected crown. . . )

Enjoy whatever's blooming in your world.



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Your garden is beautiful and I hope you can sit on that swing with a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits (errr, flowers) of your labors. I hope the dental procedure is fast and painless, too! I cracked a toe this week . . . must be something in the air!


Hopefully you can relax in the garden once the dental work is done. It's looking really lovely and seems like a great place to forget the pain and expense of a crown.


I hope that once the dental work is dealt with, you can settle in for a lovely and relaxing weekend in the garden!

Thanks for identifying Baptisia for me -- there's a patch of it along my walking route, and I've been wondering what it is for the past year or so!


Good luck at the dentist.

After that I think you need a lovely cool beverage and a sit down under the wisteria. That looks like a great spot to enjoy some knitting.


Such a pretty yard Kym. I love that nook with the wisteria - charming. And I had never heard of that dogwood. Interesting how it changes from white to pink...so many other flowers start out with a color and fade to white. Ugh to the cracked tooth...best of luck at the dentist!


I hope your appointment went smoothly! Wishing you a nice weekend and some enjoyable time in the garden which hopefully includes a sit on that swing with Tom!

kathy b

Absolutely beautiful groomed gardens. WOW. WOW. WOw.

Why did you name this blog Stepping Away from the Edge?


Oh, your wisteria is just gorgeous! Sitting under it would be such a thrill. The dogwood is beautiful, too. We don't have dogwoods in Utah. We understand drought. We're in one that is extremely severe. Not sure where the west is headed, but the future doesn't look good. Hope your dental appointment went well!


Oh ugh... I hope the dentist went alright! I am having a bit of panic for you over here! Yikes!

Your yard is just gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! (and I am thinking rain thoughts for you!)


What a gorgeous, spectacular garden tour!! I sympathize with DRY (we must be getting your WET, and, boy, has it been a rare treat--that we know is short-lived here!!)--but I have to say, nothing less than amazing comes through those pictures. (Now is when I'd like a scratch + sniff screen.)
Good luck...hopefully Mother Nature will pick up where the sprinkler folks leave off.


I always look forward to your garden tours - and this one is especially spectacular! hope the dental work went smoothly and you're enjoying those gorgeous views (and maybe taking the weekend off from the garden work).


I am catching up. Your gardens are gorgeous. A drought in Michigan. Now that is a sign of climate change for sure.

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