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Even Up North

A couple of month ago, I shared a post proclaiming my love (and Tom's too) of bulletin boards. (You can read it here in case you missed it.) This morning, I realized that my love of the humble bulletin board extends to our up north cabin!

Here's the view of our back hallway (back hallway? HA! What am I talking about? I mean THE hallway!) . . . 


What's on it?
Certainly not as much "stuff" as we have on our bulletin boards at home. But an interesting collection all the same!

IMG_4410 3

Something to make you laugh. Some phone numbers. The complete rules to horseshoes. And a spare "head net" for when the bugs are just TOO buggy. (One size fits all.)

For Tom and I . . . there is no escaping the blank canvas of a bulletin board!
Even Up North.


My view from the pontoon yesterday . . . 

IMG_4402 3


Hope your week is going well. We're heading back home this afternoon. There is excitement afoot . . . 



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The size matters card is too, too funny. Love your view from the boat. If I remember correctly, Erin should be visiting soon...perhaps that's the excitement underfoot?? Safe journey back.


I love that bulletin board and it's eclectic stuff! Excitement afoot sounds good!


Where else would you put all that stuff? In a box or a drawer... not nearly as fun. Yay for excitement afoot!!


Excitement! Excited for that! :-)


Excitement sounds fun. Funny - when I taught school, especially in the early years, bulletin boards in classrooms were such a big deal and a pain in the neck. It was almost a competition among teachers in one school where I worked. I was so glad when student work displayed on the bulletin boards became the thing - so much more sense. I like you eclectic approach.


What a view!!!

That looks like the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a book while you float along.

Some excitement, eh???? Now you have me intrigued.


Beautiful view! Looking forward to the excitement!

Gale Z

My first thought was …wow I guess I’m not a bulletin board person…and then laughed because I have magnet boards all.over. the place. Same tune different radio station!
Your pontoon view is dreamy!


Ooo! Excitement afoot!! That sounds intriguing. (Although, it would be so hard to leave that lake view...gosh that is truly heavenly!)

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