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Last night, we had a thunderstorm. Big thunder. Impressively loud. (JoJo cowering under the bed loud.) As I laid there in bed, listening to the rain and the thunder, I was thinking about my garden . . .

We've had a lot of rain these past few days. Like . .  a LOT of rain. Making-up-for-lost-time rain. Buckets. Of. Water. 

And yet . . . my plants stand tall.

IMG_4805 3

Even delicate plants on very long stems, like my drumstick allium (above) defy gravity and heavy rains to stand tall in my border.

How do they do that?
Well . . . ROOTS, of course!

My plants have put down strong roots deep in the ground, firmly connecting them to the earth and providing the nutrients they need to withstand whatever happens above the ground. Weather. Dogs. Sprinkler system repairs. Nature's disruptions.*

I know my own roots are like that, too.
Firmly connecting me to the earth.
Providing the nutrients I need.
Helping me withstand whatever is going on . . . above ground.


And I've got a lot going on this summer. It's all good and I'm happy about all of it. (Except tripping over Jenny this morning and doing a hard face plant into the wall. That was not so good. . . ) I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes . . . 

"I am rooted, but I flow."
        --- Virginia Woolfe

I can withstand the rain and the thunderstorms of life - the unexpected, the surprises, the things that completely throw off my schedule and force me to move in a different direction - the good, the bad, and the ugly of life - BECAUSE I have a strong and well-developed root system.

That's me!


* Drought is another thing entirely. A topic for another day. . . 


June is also the "traditional" time to reflect and review how things are going so far with our words (in Ali Edwards' One Little Word Land). I always enjoy and appreciate a good "check-in." I'll say that, overall, ROOT has been an excellent word choice for me this year, and it's been an especially perfect word as I make my way through the COVID landscape. One of the most interesting?, weird?, surprising? things about my little "look back" . . . has been my list of intentions and goals for the year. Let's just say . . . they need a mid-year overhaul! Because it's very clear that I was in a completely different place back in January. (It made me realize how much has changed since I originally put together my list of things I wanted to do.

Working on that, too.


How about you? If you chose a word for the year, how are things going for you?


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I love the tie in to your garden plants. It reminds me that we can learn so much from nature if we just look about us! I thought so often about ditching my word, but here I am in June happy with my choice and happier still with the work I've done this year. I think the most amazing part of the process is how I have discovered (sometimes entirely by accident?) books, talks, poetry that have helped me on the journey.

(And ugh... I hope that your fall causes nothing more serious! But yay for rain!)


I love your word and I am pretty sure it will show up in my life one of these years. I am deep in mid-year reflection on my word and where we might go together as the year proceed. First I need the weather to cool just a bit because my brain is mush.


I wouldn't have thought, straight away, of the connection between your '20 and '21 words...but your VW quote says it succinctly! I love the metaphor--and can't get enough photos--of your garden. (Especially your smoke bush.) And I hope you enjoy your mid-year overhaul. Or shift, as it sometimes feels. However it's playing out...


I've been amazed by root systems ever since our tree guy told me that root systems extend out much farther than the drip line and are far more extensive than what is visible above ground. I often envision this when I look at trees, and am trying to keep my own root system healthy to withstand this summer's challenges. (So sorry about the face plant!)


Oh dear! sorry about your face plant...pets make it so easy to trip over them, don't they? Tyg is ALWAYS underfoot...and is quiet, so I don't always realize he is there. No word for me again this year, but I, too, like the way Root and Flow go together and that Virginia W quote is just perfect! Enjoy overhauling or re-vamping your list!

kim in oregon

I miss thunder storms! We almost never get them here!


Your plants withstanding the storm is a perfect analogy for the importance of staying grounded by having strong roots. Sorry about that face plant, I hope you are okay!! xoxo


I love how your OLW connects with your passion for plants and gardening ... in a way that even I can connect to! And I'm curious about and looking forward to how you're tweaking things for these next months. (also, so sorry about that face plant - I hope it didn't bruise - yikes!)


I'm looking at your need to reevaluate your intentions and goals as a good thing. When we started this year, we were still deep in the pandemic, and now so much has changed, much of it for the better. And of course we all change as time passes, and we should all adjust our perspectives accordingly. And it's good to be well rooted when that happens!

I feel like my OLW for the year, Balance, is helping to keep me more even keeled this year, especially given what last year was like. Seems like that Woolf quote would work well for me, too.

Hope your face is okay!


Every year you seem to pick the perfect word for your OLW. I love to read your updates and look at how it's all going. At the first of the year we all lived a different life. Mid-year looks so much freer!


I love the tie in between your word and your garden. Um - this year, I think about my word, season but don't seem to get around to writing a post about it. Maybe later in July and then again maybe not.

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