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You're My Blue Sky

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(As if the song hasn't already started playing in your head. . . )

This time, I managed to hit the sweater/weather match right on the nose!


I actually knit a wool sweater I can wear for the next couple of weeks (given the current local forecast). This is a looser gauge, kinda swing-y sweater that screams "spring" to me -- especially in this particular yarn colorway. (It's called "Mother Earth" and it's from Miss Babs.) It's perfect for cool, spring weather -- when you still want to ward off the chill, but want to feel breezy and . . . not like "winter carnival." (Y'know?)


You're my blue sky,
you're my sunny day.
Lord, you know it makes me high
when you turn your love my way.
Turn your love my way . . .


You can find all the details here on Ravelry if you're interested.

And . . . here a little treat. You can watch the Allman Brothers perform Blue Sky (my favorite Allman Brothers song, by the way) for a little lift in your day!



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Everything about this sweater is wonderful! The name, the yarn you chose, the colorway name, and the lovely fit. It looks gorgeous with your hair and you are clearly very happy with it. Congratulations on a great knitting success!


It looks perfect on you -- the color, the fit, the sleeve length, everything!


I love the soft colors of the yarn and the styling of the sweater. Another beautiful piece of work.


Beautiful style and color! It looks like the type of sweater that you will wear for most of the year.


Love it on you.! Laura Aylor is so good at those details on a mainly stockinette sweater that gives them a distinctive look. I had just bought another one of her patterns but was still searching for the right yarn. Sun Dog I had completely overlooked. But now I think It is the pattern I’ve been looking for for this batch of tweedy red yarn that’s been simmering in my stash for years! Love it when that happens! (And Miss Babs has the neatest yarn names).


Beautiful finish Kym!


That sweater is just perfection! It looks wonderful on you (I do love that split in the back), the color is great, you look so happy in it. And what a great song too!! (I was just listening to that song the other day.)


That's just wonderful, Kym!!!


That is one great looking sweater and I think it's perfect for spring! Also, I have those same sneakers. I have the color you are wearing plus navy and black. They are my absolute fav!


Kym, that just looks gorgeous! I love the color of that yarn! Perfect choice for this un-spring we've been having! Well done!


What a great match of pattern and yarn! You and the sweater look fabulous together. Isn't it wonderful to finish a sweater that you really like? It is a perfect spring sweater.


LOVE it Kym! and only a little bit hoping y'all get some warmer weather soon.

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