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The State of Things: An Update

Very Random Things

It's been A Week around here, let me tell you. I worked at our special election all day Tuesday (and by that I mean 16 hours, beginning at 6 am, mostly spent sitting on very hard folding chairs) (for a mere 79 voters at my precinct, but the school millage renewal did pass, so there is that). And then yesterday I had a Zoom board meeting in the morning and a Zoom art class all afternoon long. And then I discovered a major issue that is going to completely disrupt my photo scanning project, and that . . . just took all the wind out of my sails.

I mean. . . none of this is a Big Deal.
None of it.
But it has combined to throw me off my game (as if I have one). 
I'm glad I thought ahead and stuck this sticker in my planner this week. . . 


Always a good reminder.

So. Because that's all the whining anyone needs to do (or read about) when it comes to minor inconveniences and silly blunders, here are three Very Random Things on a Thursday.

First. April has ended. . . which means National Poetry Month has ended . . . which means I'm not sharing poetry today. But I am sharing this stack of poetry books I purchased for my personal collection during April. (I'm very intentional about supporting poets and adding a few volumes every April.)


Second, remember when I told you I have a love/hate relationship with houseplants? We're entering the "hate" phase again, unfortunately. I discovered spider mites on three of my plants. Two are now out the door and in the yard waste recycling bin (hopeless cases). I'm working hard to treat the third with organic options (soap, essential oils, rubbing alcohol), but I'm not confident that any of it will work. Oh, well. (And this photo has nothing to do with my spider mites or their treatment but I'm throwing it in anyway.)


Third, Tom has unlocked the Pandemic Ponytail Achievement! This was his pandemic goal, so I'm not sure what he'll be doing next with his hair. (He did complain that it "gets in the way" just yesterday . . . ) So much suspense.


I don't think I could get any more random than that if I tried.

Happy Thursday, everyone.
(And be sure to jump over to Carole's to read other Three on Thursday posts this week.)


Also. . . 

If any of you have used an outside photo scanning service, would you mind sharing your thoughts, experience, suggestions with me? Let's just say . . . I'm in the market for such. But I'm nervous about sending/shipping my actual photos . . .



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HA! I love Tom's pony tail. Fletcher's brother has worn one for years and years and it looks great on him. I thought we were going to have an "issue" with our lemon tree - I had seen a few webs on it...but nothing in the past month or so, I'm thinking we are clear now. Hoping. Sorry, can't help you on the scanning thing.


You may not be stuck, but I'm sending you all the unstuck mojo. After a couple of long days, the glitch in scanning and spider mites would have prompted a bit of whining from me. I have not personally used an outside photo scanning service, but my BiL had terrible service from ScanMyPhotos. I don't know why he chose them, but while his photos arrived okay in CA, the scans he received were sub-par (300 dpi instead of the promised 600 dpi), not everything was scanned, and he swears there were several photos missing when they were returned. They were photos of his mother so I trust that he remembers correctly. It was an anxiety-ridden process for him, so he ended up buying a fairly expensive scanner so he could do it himself and have peace of mind. Is there anyone local to you that could do the job?

So many great poetry volumes and Tom's ponytail is ... interesting!


I don’t know anything about photo scanning services but you are the second person who has mentioned them this week so I will come back and see what advice you get.


You know Dale and I have so much love for Tom's pandemic ponytail. And we hope he keeps going with the long hair, all the cool kids are doing it. (Dale's hair is finally grown back in from where it was ripped out of his head last year from the accident. I think he was more upset about that than his broken leg!) I feel your pain on the house plants, my aerogarden had an epic fail last week and I need to start over. s for the scanning, maybe there's an art student at a local college looking for some work? I don't have any exact experience with this sort of project.


Steve used to threaten that when he retired he was going to grow a ponytail. Five years and counting ponytail. If he's going to do it he better do it soon. Just sayin'.

Hope next week is a little less "sticky".


Love. That. Ponytail!
I had flies in a houseplant last year, and I used neem oil spray by Natria, which I bought at my local garden shop. (The label says it's for aphids, white flies, and spider mites.) I only needed to rounds, and the soil cleared right up. The plant is doing fine (well, it's undergoing a bit of a 'graft' right now because someone threw a ball in the house and snapped its poor branch...But neem can't fix that.)
Good luck with the scanning--and pour a glass of wine, I say. (I'm the last person to be of help in the photo department! But I'd happily pour for you. Because photo stuff really stresses me out!)
Enjoy some re-settling into yourSelf as the week winds down. xo


Maybe head north? :-) Love the you know that would not be possible for Doug! I'm heading out just now to buy a couple of houseplants to green up the place. I'll be waiting to see if you've successfully killed off those buggers. Photo scanning...I've got nothing! xo


Ponytail Tom!! That's awesome!

I've used ScanCafe a few of times (after my sister died, and again after my mom died) and was happy with their service! It was recommended by some photographer peeps I knew back when. I sent photos (all sorts of sizes & types), slides, and VHS tapes. They scan, tweaked & enhanced them, sometimes a bit more than I liked, but overall I was very pleased! It's been a while now, but I feel like there were a few different options for saving/sharing. I was hesitant at first because I had an awful experience with a photo calendar company many years ago that grew too big too fast and it was a struggle to get all my stuff back. I never felt that my treasures were in peril with ScanCafe.


So, how does it make you feel to be married to a guy with a bro-knot? Do you feel like hipsters yet?

I am sorry about the houseplants, but I have to say that I find some consolation in the fact that even someone with as green a thumb as you can have mixed results.


Pony Tail Tom wins the internet today! That is just awesome!

I am sorry, I have no suggestions on photo scanning. (or with spider mites on house plants... they truly suck!)


I used Costco to scan my dad's slides. The actual scans are very good, and the price was right. But all my careful sorting and putting in order was for nothing. The slides came back in a completely different order than sent (you box the slides up yourself). If I had to do it again, I'd either plan to organize after, or send in smaller batches (individual orders). Still it was priceless to make a digital slideshow for my mom's birthday (of the best of them) and to share the pictures with our kids, nieces, and nephews.


I like that sticker. Good reminder to me to reframe and get going on a few things after a bit of minor health issue frustration. I also buy a book of poetry now and then to support the poets. And I like to read poetry. It calms me down.

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