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The State of Things: An Update

Way back at the end of March, I shared how I was progressing with various projects on my plate at the time. Since then?

  • Overalls. Check.
  • Colorwork Sweater. Check.
  • Taxes. Check.

The garden bed cleanup, though? Still plugging along!


I mean . . . I created a monster. My garden beds are too big and too numerous for me to ever keep up with all at once. (I, of course, never considered this as I kept expanding.) I love it. But it's been a good exercise in . . . letting go of perfection, living with weeds, setting priorities, and knowing when to say "when." (There are so many metaphors for life in my garden.)

I don't regret a thing about my garden.

But sometimes, in the spring, I do question a few things.
(As in . . . what was I thinking???)

At this point, I'm over the half-way point in cleaning up all the beds. (And the toughest ones are complete.) (You know. For the first pass.) And our "lawn guy" (we hire this great kid -- who started his own landscaping company as a sophomore in high school; he's a senior this year, and a master businessman) has helped me by clearing out the real detritus of the garden. And he's started the weekly mowing and edging. Tom is poised to begin mulching. Progress, for sure.

Because there is so much . . . garden . . . to manage, I've "divided" it into 17 "beds" (even though most of them are actually contiguous) so I can keep track of where I'm working and what needs to be done where. I've also named each bed, which allows me to refer to them by name when communicating with Tom, my chief digger and mulcher. (He's got the nomenclature down.)

This area, for example, is referred to as "The SCOD," which stands for Semi-Circle-Of-Death. (In the earlier years, many things . . . came and went, failed to thrive, met their demise . . . in that area of the garden. Things have settled down now, but we still refer to it as The SCOD.)


(The first photo in this post is also The SCOD, but from the opposite direction.) The SCOD . . . requires a lot of work. Every year. All the time. And because it's the main pathway into our backyard and garden, I like to keep it looking pretty good, most of the time. (In the background of the photos, you can see another bed. I call that one Arborvitae Alley. It's much more low-maintenance, and especially since we pulled out 3 unruly red twig dogwoods a couple of years ago.)

Some of my beds are named for their . . . distinguishing features.

The Pergola Area, for example.


Or The Pond. (You can see the pond is not yet set up; the hose. . . )


There's Tom's Garden (because he turned a boring corner of the lawn into a secret corner garden of delight) . . . 


And we have The Butterfly Garden. The Deer Salad Bar. The Arbor.

But most of our garden beds . . . are just named for where they are. The Bed In Front of the Window, for example. Or Against the Fence. Or Front Door South and Front Door North. (This is Front Door North.)


Or Back Corner . . . 


Like I said . . . it's a lot. But it's also a lot . . . to love.

Perhaps I'll come back and show you how the beds are shaping up as the season progresses. It's all still in the just-emerging phase right now; preparing to launch. It'll be much more spectacular and impressive in a few weeks!

For today? I've got my work cut out for me as I take on The Herb Garden and The Bed In Front Of The Window!


Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday. 





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My back and knees hurt just looking at all of this, but I know all the beds are worth the work (even the SCOD)! My SiL was contemplating a move from upstate PA to Asheville several years ago and she ultimately decided to stay because she just couldn't bear to leave her vegetable and flower gardens. She's put more than 25 years of work into them, and she says that everywhere she looks she's reminded of her mother, grandmother, patients, and friends who have given her plants and seeds. She can't wait to get out in the spring and hates to see the end of the season when frost comes. You must be much the same and I can't imagine you ever leaving your gardens!


Have a fun day outside today Kym! And Happy Mother's Day! xo


They all looks great, and so welcoming! Have a great day in the gardens, Kym! Happy Mother's Day!!


The weeds multiply so much faster than anything else and they never give up! We have an area in our "driveway bed" that is like the SCOD. Nothing we have planted there has ever grown...only weeds (of course). Here's hoping you have a lovely weekend and that the weather cooperates so you can be outside and enjoy your various gardens. They are all so lovely!


I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, lush, verdant, other words for beautifully green!


Happy gardening and happy Mother's Day on Sunday.


and now I'm even more impressed you have anything other than gardening to share here!


I am echoing Bonny... my back and knees are saying don't get any ideas... no way in hell! LOL I have 4 front beds and 4 back beds and I am not half way done yet (thanks rain and rain and more rain!) It is a commitment. We have a Corner of Death in our back yard... nothing lives there - except the weeds, which thrive, of course! I have some digging to do back there, but I have yet to tackle it.


The Deer Salad Bar! Ha! Now I can see why you spend so much time outside in the summer! My yard is tiny by comparison, and I really only have two small areas where I plant things -- and I can't get to either right now because there is roofing STUFF everywhere in the back yard. I guess if I really get the itch to plant something, I could do it in the front, but there's always the chance that the landscapers who come to cut the grass every week and weed maybe once a month will kill it (they ripped out sunflowers we were growing a couple of years ago).


I love all of your names and think I need to up my own name game! We just have the-front-bed, the-perennial-bed, and the-kitchen-door-bed. The perennial and kitchen door beds are a mess right now. I need help and I'm hoping my lawn guy will assist.


I can tell the state of my relationship by the state of the garden..... when things are working well and we are working well together our garden can be spectacular. When one or both of us in NOT feeling it.... the weeds creep in and things start to look bad. My garden, like my relationship needs daily tending, a little attention goes a long way, I need to be open to change.... things change..... other things eventually replace them, one always needs to look at what's GOOD, and turn a blind eye to that which is not as pleasing...... love your garden posts......


Whew! Your gardens are beautiful but so much tending. My back hurts just thinking about all that work. I have a small herb garden, an L shape along the fence and shed filled with perennials, a raised bed (potatoes this year) and a vegetable garden plot. Oh and one small area in front the shed with daffodils and iris. It usually takes me two good passes in Spring to get the areas cleaned out and weeded. Then I just drag my hoe around from time to time to keep the weeds down. Sometimes the weeds become ground cover by the end of the hot summer weeks.

Kathy b

I feel overwhelmed by weeds alone. 17 beds. How great!

I am anti weed killer. I am pro pollinator. I consider us to have 6 main areas with grasses and easy flowers like echinacea and lilies and columbine. We are nurturing some young willows, poplars, and evergreens. One evergreen was looking so awful this winter, and now it is FULL of new growth and IM thrilled

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