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I Blame My Mom

Sometimes Monday

. . . begins far too early.

In fact, this Monday morning . . . is beginning very early for me . . . with a visit to my ophthalmologist. (Like . . . what-was-I-thinking early.) By the time you read this, my eyes will be dilated and I'll no longer be in any state to use my computer. So I thought I'd just throw out this lovely thought from the poet Maggie Smith. Something to think about . . . until my eyes return to normal.


I really like this question she's asking . . . What else is possible? 
Isn't that a great way to start the day?

I hope your Monday is off to a great start.


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Good luck at the eye doctor's! I did that a few weeks ago and it seemed to take ages for my eyes to get back to "normal." Annoying, but a good thing to get your eyes checked.


I'm guessing you scheduled your appointment crazy early so you could get it out of the way, and I'm hoping you're done by now and get back to normal vision soon (I used to hate getting my eyes dilated more than anything as a kid because it meant I couldn't read!). That Maggie Smith is pretty darn smart!


That Maggie Smith is a genius! Thank you for sharing that!

I hope your appointment goes smoothly (even with eye dilation... which is just the pits!) XO


Good luck at the eye doctor and hope the "googly eyes" don't last too long.


That is a really great question and one I want to consider. Frequently.


Something to keep in mind throughout life! Thanks!


I love that Maggie Smith! ...and I hope by the time you read this comment you are on your way to a better, not-so-languishing, maybe-a-little thawed out mid-May week!

kathy b

What else is possible? Gosh i love that. I've had a weird day of deciding if I am fostering cats again or not. What else is possible is although I was offered kittens I told the organizations that what i love is the delivering mom and her nursing babies the most. So we'll see. Otherwise I won't volunteer right now


Not sure whether it's good or bad that your post reminded me that I was supposed to call and make my eye doctor appointment today -- and I forgot. What else is possible? Trying again tomorrow. Hope you recovered quickly from the dilation - I do hate that too.

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