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"And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul."
            --- John Muir


My morning view . . . 

Yep. I'm up north this week. It's my first time this season (Tom's been up here several times already . . . to open things up, replace our water heater, and - really - to fish). It's always a whirlwind of activity up here, that first "real" week of the season. There's a lot to do, and none of it is particularly fun. We need to get the docks in and the boats in the water. (And by "we" I mean Tom, really. Brian is going to help with the docks later today, and our "boat guy" LeRoy will help get the pontoon out of our front yard and back into the water.) There is an amazing amount of prep work to be done before that can even happen (power washing . . . and a lot motor "stuff," mainly). Besides that, there are paths to rake and a bathroom to scrub. Dust and cobwebs to tackle. Our Sonos system needs an update (priorities, y'know). I need to take inventory . . . what do we need, what did we forget, what did we want last year that we forget about over the winter. Do the laundry. Make all the beds. That kind of stuff.

The fun comes . . . later.
After we get set up and settled in again for another season.

And it will be totally worth it!


Here's to a great week for all of us.



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Wishing you a wonderful week, especially after all those chores are done and the fun can begin!


Have fun! Hopefully the anticipation of all the fun times makes the work go by quickly.


I hope you have a lot of fun and relaxation after all those chores! Enjoy!


My grandparents' cabin was a true log cabin, built in the 1930s, and I remember that all the logs had to be washed/dusted every spring. We visited many years later (under new ownership) and it was obvious that my grandmother was no longer in charge of "opening the cabin." SO dusty.

Have a great week!!


Sounds like a lot of work -- but it'll all be worth it when it's done and you can relax in that beautiful setting! Enjoy!

kim in oregon

Have great time!


Have fun! And you bite at a time!


I hope that in between all the necessary things you manage to find some joy in being there as well. After all, checking things off the to-do list should be rewarded with good beer!

kahty b

I remember we had to leave my fathers c cabin as if we were leaving it for hotel guests. So the hard part was, all the clean up AFTER a weeks fun. Cabins on not sure it gets better...


How amazing to have Brian's help this year ... and perhaps to have other family/friends coming to visit! ... just as soon as those pesky setting up things are done!


Did someone mention beer? My memory of a pontoon is how peaceful it was. Maybe the pontoon and a beer at the end of the day. I imagine the peacefulness is all worth it.


There is something invigorating about that flurry of activity to "open up" the beautiful space! I think Pontoon Happy Hours should absolutely be A Thing!

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