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A Fiber-y Landscape

Earlier this spring, something fiber-y/painterly showed up in my Instagram feed . . . and it spoke to me immediately. (It was this kit from Felted Sky.) And I should clarify here . . . It didn't just speak to me. It yelled my name and YOO-HOOed - loudly - from across the way.

Now I've done a bit of needle felting, and I actually really enjoy it. And I've done quite a lot of painting watercolor landscapes, and I really enjoy that, too. So painting-with-fiber seems to be an appealling combination and right up my alley.

Yeah. I fell hard, friends.
Because this kit? It checked ALL my boxes!

Landscape (check)
Lake-in-the-woods (check)
Painting . . . (check)
WITH FIBER (check)

I ordered it.

I decided it would be my summer, up north project! Something I could take up to the cabin and work on while I'm there -- and, once complete, I could hang the finished object right on the wall up there.


I had no idea how much fun this thing would be!


Can you say . . .  addictive?

SO much more fun than I expected it to be.
It's meditative and satisfying.
I'm having a hard time putting it down!


The kit comes with everything you need (including the frame) (although you do already need to have a mat). There are very detailed and step-by-step directions (although the painter in me is veering from the directions a bit here and there), and there is a video to accompany the instructions as well (although I haven't used that).

I thought this project would last me all summer.


But . . . now I'm thinking it might not last me the week!


How about you? What are you making right now?



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Your felted landscape is so very cool! I haven't tried needle felting because I've usually seen 3D kits for animals and I wasn't sure I'd be able to shape them correctly. But this is very intriguing and I'm off to check Felted Sky!


Wow! That is just beautiful! But I am amazed how quickly it is going for you! (I am trying to figure out the best way to rework a tunic - it needs a bit of length - which I am hoping to fix with the bottom of a thrifted skirt!)


Oh, Kym! It's lovely and it fits into your life up north beautifully. It looks fun (for someone with some experience) and exciting to do. It's darling! Good work.

Kathy b

I think that must take some skill! WOW. I absolutely love it. Did you ever read the book, Snow Falling on Cedars? It reminds me of that. Maybe someday I'll give your felting a try! So fun to see new things


Your level of artistry continuously awes me. Your talent must ooze from your pores! What gifts you create for the rest of us just be sharing them here. Enjoy your time up there!


That is so perfect for both an Up North project and an Up North wall hanging! It sounds like you've got a new hobby on your hands.

kim in oregon

That's gorgeous. She has some lovely kits!


This looks like so much fun and such a fun way to combine two of your artistic pursuits! I suspect that you are going to need some more materials soon, because it doesn't look like this is going to keep you busy for much longer!


That is really beautiful! I've never seen a needle felting project that wasn't an animal. That will be perfect for your home "up north"!
I'm working on knitting a Heart Warmer cowl and have a couple of stitching projects I'm working on, but everything is on hold right now because I am doing a big clean out & re-organization of my office and my sewing room.


Perfect project for your house up north! I’ve done a bit of needle felting and find it a nice break from knitting.


Perfect! It looks like fun and I can see where you would become kind of wrapped up in the action!


That is a PERFECT cabin project. Have fun.


oh wow, Kym, that is the BEST kind of project (especially for you - like clearly tailor-made) and I will be shocked if you don't have it finished and framed next week. also, your painting with fiber is gorgeous. have you located the spot to hang the finished piece?


Very cool - better to need a new project than never finish - Can't wait to see it all done.


Oh and thank you for asking - I'm making a Tree Rings blanket as a belated wedding gift for Sam & Carley.


It's beautiful. Probably even more so in person.


How cool. I have never seen anything like it. Beautiful.


So serene. Beautifully worked!

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