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When Spring Gives You Snowflakes . . .

There has been some knitting happening here . . . 


Nice and springy. (Just ignore the fact that as I took this photo out on my back patio, snow was falling.) (Spring is so very fickle.)

The pattern is Sun Dog by Laura Aylor. (Here's a Ravelry link.) It's a great spring sweater, and by the time I finish, the weather should be Just Right. (That's my story and I'm sticking with it.)

What are you making these days?


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What a cute, cute sweater Kym (love that split in the back) and great yarn that you have chosen. But oh yuck about the snow. Geeze. My brother in Boulder texted me a picture of his back yard (filled with the white stuff) saying it was a beautiful morning in Boulder...for January... Poor thing - his fruit trees were all fully budded and now they've been ruined (not uncommon for Boulder). Hoping your snow did not amount to much and that Spring will be returning shortly.


Somehow CO missed the message that it was spring, too. Fort Collins got 6" and we may even have frost here tonight in MD. But clever you, finishing up that lovely sweater at just the right time to wear it!


That looks like such a comfy sweater! I am ready to start sleeve number one of my Aldous, and frankly I could have used it today with the snow! But I am assuming that it'll be way too hot for wool when I do finish it, because that's always how it seems to go.


I've been finishing up things to get them off the needles. Two Noro scarves (started in November), a Noro leftovers hat, Cirrus (Ravelry link-- , started a few years ago) .

When I've got all of them washed and blocked, along with the Susurrate
( that is currently drying on the guest bed, I will commence with my 'Sweaters for Christmas' plan.

Two grown kids, one with a husband, one with a girlfriend, and I'm going to get current measurements and get started. Wonder which Christmas they'll get them... ???


Sorry for the broken link.


oh I LOVE that hem!! and your attitude about the *ahem* "slow spring" ;-)


Oooh, that looks like a neat design! We had a little dusting of snow this morning (yuck). I'm working on my crocheted blanket, but thinking about knitting some houses!! ;)


That looks like it will be a very cute sweater! The snow stopped here last evening, but it is still cold today. I think (and hope) spring will return tomorrow!

kathy b

Beautiful sweater KYM. I just love the rolled neckline. Will it stay that way? Im going to look up the pattern


That looks like a great Spring sweater. We had snow flying on Monday but it was gone when I woke up Tuesday morning. Winter needs a memo that Spring has arrived. I hope your sweater does the trick.


Ooh, love that sweater. Just bought another Laura Aylor design a couple of weeks ago but I like this pattern even better. Will put that one on hold and put Sun Dog at the top of my queue (currently working on the Low-Key vest and maybe a toddler sweater).


The sweater construction is unique and fun to knit. Our spring weather goes and back forth so many times it gives me whiplash!


That is a cute sweater! How did I miss that one?? (and your yarn... divine!) Here is to a week with NO SNOW! lol

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