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Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like a day of reckoning!


My weekend was full of spring cleaning. The laundry room. The hall closets. The garage. Things that are AWESOME now at completion, but that were hard and not particularly pleasant in the doing.

I'm also putting a long course of nasty antibiotics behind me, starting today. Although grateful for the treatment (which worked!), these particular antibiotics (yeah, there were two) leave me . . . not quite myself. Out of sorts. Whiney. Generally off my game.

So these are Very Good Things to have completed and gotten through. But Good Things sometimes have A Price To Pay. Trailing behind me, you'll see . . . a wake of undone chores, everyday tasks, and loose ends.

A day of reckoning, indeed.
(But isn't that what Mondays are for?)


"Here comes the sun. And I say, it's alright."
        -- George Harrison


I hope your week is off to a great start!


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It's sometimes funny to recognize the yin/yang of things. Yes, you're grateful for the treatments, which worked, but there are still some fairly unpleasant side effects. You can admire your clean laundry room, closets, and garage, but no fun was had during the cleaning. It's looking like a good Monday here, and I hope in your world, too, Kym.


I'm so glad you are done with the antibiotics! You will be back to yourself so soon now. XOXO


Glad you are feeling better.

Chores are so much more fun when you look back at the reward. Not so much fun when you are thick in the middle of them.


Best of luck catching up on "undone stuff." And, glad your antibiotic journey is finished...that can be a trying time for sure.


All I can say this morning is...I hear you! Hope you're feeling like yourself again SOON.


So glad you're feeling better, Kym!! I'm sure you'll catch up in no time!


Very glad to hear you're feeling better! And big not fun jobs complete! Here's to a good week!


Wishing you a lovely week, full of the best that spring has to offer - light, energy, and hope!


Sorry you had a rough week with your health. I understand being off your game from something like that as I've been there for two weeks now. BUT, how wonderful to have a clean laundry room (Smith updated ours over the winter) and an organized closet and garage. It seems life is full of clearing out all we accumulate and finding new places and uses for all that stuff. Be well, Kym!

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