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Sometimes Mondays

Feel like whiplash!


Because . . . all of a sudden . . . everything is different!

I had kids . . . in my house this weekend! Unmasked. Eating food I cooked for them. And sleeping overnight in my guest room. They can play chess with Tom . . . live and in person (instead of over an app). Their little pup can run free in my house. And I can hug them goodbye when they leave.

And my West Coast kid . . . just got her first vaccine. And is currently figuring out a date to come home for a visit.

I'm going to sign up later today for an in-person drawing workshop.


Everything feels so different!


"The moment of change is the only poem."
            --- Adrienne Rich


Happy Monday, everyone.


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Hooray for science! I'm so glad this is happening for you, I know how much you've missed time with your kids.


I'm glad this is just the beginning of change! That is a wonderful and poignant photo and I'm very glad that Erin will soon be able to be in the picture!


How wonderful! I’m very happy for you and your family.
Hooray for science.


Woo Hoo! It's just the best thing ever! xo


Yahoo!! I'm so happy for all of you!!


Happy Monday, Happy Everything, Kym!!!


I'm literally all choked up by this. Seeing families together has always been my favorite part of blog reading. So happy for you and yours! What an amazing weekend!

We got a phone call from our Seattle kids on Saturday. They were getting their second shots on Sunday. The plan is a road trip to see all their east coast family and friends starting in May (thank you remote work situations). We will meet them in Nashville, as our other two live there. We've had socially distanced outdoor meets, once with each of the sets of kids, but have not been together since the four of us flew out to Seattle to surprise the two out there for our daughter's 30th, on November 1, 2019.

Looking forward to many more stories of families reunited!


Marvelous...just so marvelous. So happy for you Kym and so glad to hear that Erin is planning to visit!!! I feel almost giddy!! Now that we are fully vaccinated, we are talking about driving down to Virginia to visit some of Fletcher's family (those who have been vaccinated). I cannot wait!


Yay for kids at home.

We get to do the "kid thing" at the end of May when Stephen's vaccine is fully protecting him.

I will get to see my sister (and her husband --- unfortunately) in a couple of weeks.


YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! What I've come to realize these past few weeks is that the changes are coming ... fast! ... and that even the little ones - no masks inside with my family! - are going to make HUGE changes in my life! and how exciting that Erin got her first shot ... I predict a fabulous Mulhern lake cottage reunion this summer :-)


This is amazing news! My daughter's have not gotten their shots yet but my son will have his second shot done on the 30th! I can hardly wait!


That is the best Monday! Such wonderful things!


Seeing people up close, seemingly at a time we need it most, has been emotional for me. This week has been another big change for us as Smith retired yesterday! Talk about emotional. He's so excited (and a little stunned) about the time he'll have. There is so much (more) to look forward to this summer for nearly everyone! We can actually live In Real Life.

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