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Playing Those Mind Games

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Sometimes, with knitting, it's really a . . . mind games . . . kind of thing.

Will these colors work for this design?
Do I have enough yarn?
Will it fit?
Will I wear it?
Do I have the skills?
Can I persevere through the hard parts?
 . . .  and the boring parts?
And, of course, there is that whole gauge thing.

It's always nice when it works out in the end.


We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dude lifting the veil
Doing the mind guerrilla
Some call it magic the search for the grail


Yep. This time, I found THE GRAIL!

Of course, now that I've finished, spring has arrived in my corner of the world (it was in the upper 70s yesterday!), so I will be packing this sweater away until fall. 

Mind games, I tell 'ya!

(You can find all the details on Ravelry, here.)



A few of you asked me last week how I divide up the "progress bars" for my projects. I'm here to tell you . . . it ain't rocket science! With some projects, there are a clear number of steps (or zones or whatever), and it is easy to divide a progress bar into those steps. With other projects? It's a bit trickier. Knitting projects, for example. I mean, I know you could go through the trouble and the maths to figure out how many stitches you'd be knitting in any given project and create a bar that reflects that. But, for me, in a project, I divide it into chunks of work that make sense for me. For a top-down sweater, the project chunks generally look like this:

  • Get ready: gather materials/needles, wind yarn, mark up pattern, do a gauge swatch, etc.
  • Cast on and get yourself "situated" with the start
  • Divide for sleeves
  • Body
  • Sleeve 1
  • Sleeve 2
  • Cast off, weave in ends, block

Of course, those project chunks are not equal in terms of time and effort, but . . . they work to move the project forward anyway.
(So, basically, I fudge it.)
Hope that helps.


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Beautiful! I never doubted that it would be. The execution. The design. The colors. I love where the fair isle patterning ends. So flattering. Sometimes, these days, I see pattern/ striping etc. change at mid-bust. The modern look, I suppose. Not for me.. This is SO much better! May you will get a cold snap?


I am laughing right out loud (and really loud if you must know) at "Cast on and get yourself 'situated' with the start" Mine might say Cast on... rip, Cast on again, probably rip again, and then cast on and get yourself situated!

It is a gorgeous sweater (and we were slammed into the upper 70's here yesterday as well... I might be a tiny bit thankful that I was probably running a low grade fever and was freezing most of the day! lol)


You did knit The Grail with this sweater! I love the colors you chose, it looks just great, and really wonderful on! (And thanks for the Mind Games lyrics. "Some kinda druid dude lifting the veil" has always been a complete mystery to me.)


Wow, Kym, you NAILED it with this sweater - everything about it looks perfect! (and I'm sure you don't mind the warm weather too much, right?!)


It's gorgeous, Kym! Everything is perfect -- the colors, the fit, the pattern! It'll be such a treat when you get that first chilly day of fall and you find you have a brand-new sweater to wear, like a gift to you from past you!


Wow! That is gorgeous. Congrats.


That sweater is perfection and it looks like it fits like a dream. Well done!


You are SO talented. Your sweater is gorgeous , with such fantastic colours. You’ll be happy when fall rolls around again!
Here’s a happy knitting story for you...recently a 3 year wandered away from a fishing cabin north of Kingston, Ontario and disappeared into the bush for 4 days, 3 nights. He was wearing, according to the Ontario Provincial Police search team, a winter jacket with a wool sweater. Temperatures dropped to near freezing each night. When he was found, lying on the ground with his eyes closed, the searchers feared the very worst scenario, but apart from dehydration, he was fine. His jacket, pants, & boots were wet, but the wool sweater “felt warm to the touch” according to the man who found him. Isn’t that a celebration of knitting with wool?


The sweater is wonderful! What an accomplishment. Really, well down, you. And you look fantastic, too! Thanks for explaining how you divide up the sections on your cards, it makes sense to me. I'd still probably lose them, though!


You did a beautiful job. The sweater is gorgeous.


Beautiful! You nailed it!


What a gorgeous finish Kym! The sweater is beautiful and looks fabulous on you. And...look at your hair!! It looks fab too.


THIS is a frameable photo in my mind! Beautiful work Kym - dare I say heirloom! Enjoy and your hair really does look gorgeous!


Gorgeous sweater!


What a beautiful sweater! You will really enjoy it when the cold weather returns!

Melody A

Wow you look GORGEOUS in those photos so the colors are great for your coloring and maybe you were super happy at doing it !! love reading your blog. take care from Iowa

Julia in KW

Great sweater! And of course, you look FABULOUS in it!😉


That is one beautiful sweater and you are so pretty in it. I love your longer hair. That gauge is a mind game for sure but you played it well.


Even though it is not a new post today, I don't mind. I could look at that sweater for a week! Your hair - all grown out - looks great with it!


Your sweater turned out beautifully! You picked great colors, too. The fit, the colors, the way it looks on you--just excellent!

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