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Magical . . . and Totally Over the Top

It's been a couple of weeks since my birthday now, but it's not too late to share the gift I got from my sister. Because it was awesome. And totally . . . over the top.

First, I'll just say that my sister was . . . kinda cagey . . . about this particular gift. She warned me that I'd have to "do something with it" when it arrived, and she mentioned the words "right away" more than once. So I was pretty curious from the get-go. Once she knew the delivery date, she checked in with me about my schedule (which - of course - is wide open these days. . . ). And once she had confirmation that it had been delivered, she texted me right away. "Open it now," she said. 

Curiouser and curiouser. . . 


As I opened the box (which was quite large, I'm gonna say), I unpacked flowers. 

Lots of flowers.
Live flowers.
Really gorgeous BIG flowers.


Also bunches of evergreen and herbs and snapdragons and roses!


By the time I got everything unpacked and stuck in water . . . it looked (and smelled!) like my kitchen had been transformed into a floral shop.


What my sister had sent me . . . was a "posy kit" from floral expert and slow-flower artist Teresa Sabankaya!

After consulting Teresa's book (which came with the kit) and then after watching her excellent instructional video (I got a link as part of the kit), I was ready to try and create my own posy!

I set up "shop" in my dining room, and followed Teresa's instructions. You build the arrangement while you hold the flowers, bouquet-style, rather than arranging them in a vase. It would have been helpful to have a third (or fourth, even) hand. But I think with practice, it would get a lot smoother to do with only two.


Here's my finished posy. . . 


I even had plenty of flowers left over to make a second.


It was an absolutely magical birthday gift. Lovely flowers -- AND I learned a new skill. You can bet that I'll be creating more posies from the flowers I cut from my garden this summer -- and even from the bouquets I pick up in the future from the grocery store or Trader Joe's.

Over the top.
But just right!


Here's to a great weekend for all of us.
See you on Monday.


NOTE about the posy kits. If you get inspired to send someone a posy kit, it's important that you do just what my sister did: Make sure the recipient is home when the kit is delivered, and available to open and "release" those flowers right away. This is a very time-sensitive gift, and the recipient is going to need to dig in right away.





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What an amazing gift and so, so perfect for you Kym! That is just wonderful and the poseys you made are GORGEOUS!!!


That is a very magical gift! My bouquets always look a little lackluster, so this might be a perfect gift to give myself. You have a very thoughtful sister!


This truly is the perfect gift for you and one you can play endlessly with other flowers you buy, or cut, through out the year. I love the idea of holding them in your hand before you begin. I feel it would help with the overall look you're going for. I hope your posey last a long, long time for your enjoyment!


I love this! I have a friend who worked in the floral department of our local grocery store and she taught me to make bouquets like that, too, by holding the flowers in your hand. Mine never look quite as lovely as yours do, though!


That is wonderful. I always struggle with arranging flowers and you totally nailed it.


What a fabulous gift! Anyone can send someone an arrangement of flowers, but sending someone a flower-arranging lesson is such a fantastic idea!


Sounds to me like your sis has the "It" factor when it comes to the knack for gift-giving! How thoughtful! I love starting bouquets with that 'hold'--what I find challenging is having just the right vessel on hand. Because if the mouth/neck (?) of the vase is too wide, you lose that perfect posy. Looks like you had just the right EVERYTHING here. Enjoy!! (And thanks for sharing the lovely gifting idea!)


What a lovely gift ... perfect for you - and I think, a few of us, too!

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