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The Big Hang Up

Just Under the Surface

There are big things happening in my garden right now.


Some of it is on the surface . . . where we can see it. Like these poor, nearly-laying-on-the-ground tulips in the midst of my grape hyacinths. (The result of last week's freezes.) But at this point in the garden season, most of what's happening is still under the surface . . .  at the roots.

I feel like I'm very much like my garden right now. There's a lot going on - just under the surface - for me, too. My gardening these days . . . is really happening in parallel: both in my garden-garden AND in the inner-garden of my head!

  • I'm clearing out and cleaning up. Doing some weeding. Cutting back. Looking for new growth. What can I get rid of in my gardens?
  • I'm assessing the condition of the soil, the roots, the emerging growth. Should I add more compost here? A little fertilizer there? What do my gardens need most right now, to thrive and grow and bloom in the coming season?
  • I'm making plans and figuring out my timeline. Are there things I need to move or transplant? When? Are there new things I'd like to plant? What? Do I want to make big changes . . . or just let things go on as they are?

It's a busy time out in the garden.
And in my head, too!

"We are like blossoming trees;
holding on; letting go;
rising and falling
into our weathered souls."
    -- Angie Weland-Crosby



How are things going for you . . . with your word? And in your garden?



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I love how your word and your garden share a beautiful connection! My word... sigh, happily my garden is a much better place than my word these days! I have some things I need to dig out, some things I need to move, and some places that need some new plants. (and I have begun working on my vegetable garden soil!)


The last time the tree-trimming guys came to prune our big trees, I had an interesting conversation with my favorite one. We were talking about my neighbor's walnut tree and he told me that most roots extend out about 2-3x the dripline. Now I often imagine the epic things going on underground with roots. And you always manage to find just the right quote to accompany your post!


I think because I can't get to my garden, I'm dreaming about what I will do in it once the roofers are done and all their gear is gone from the backyard. I want to open up the little door in my composter and see if there's some stuff at the bottom of the pile that I can add to the soil. I know I have a lot of weeds to pull and some seeds I want to start inside (I know I could have done that already, but I figured I'd wait a bit because it'll be a while before I can transplant them outside anyway). And I need to figure out what we're ordering from our synagogue's annual plant sale!


ROOT is such a perfect word for you Kym. I just love how it ties in with your garden dreams and activities.


The analogy between your garden and your life is just perfect, I love how you are using your word to illustrated the things you are doing to improve your world.


I completely read this post as metaphor for your inner gardening--so read it a second time to appreciate the outer work, too. What a season for Root!


My garden is sort of a mess right now. I had some trees and limbs taken down in the fall and have landscapers scheduled to begin in the next couple of weeks, so I have been holding off on doing to much beyond containers at this time, although I am itching to get my hands dirty!


I LOVE a good metaphor, Kym, and this word ... wow, it's SO good! and as always, I love following along with (ALL) the gardening. vicariously!

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