Spring Cleaning in the Garden
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Wrapping Things Up

After last week’s “deep dive” into spring cleaning, it’s time to get going. 

Yep. It's time to …

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. . . with a spring cleaning wrap-up post full of (what else?) a few more tips to motivate you and possibly make your spring cleaning life easier.


First, just as I was putting the finishing touches on last Friday’s post, The Atlantic came up with a special spring cleaning playlist! You can read all about it here, or jump right to Spotify to start listening.


Next, many of you shared terrific spring cleaning tips and suggestions last week. As promised, here’s a summary of blog-reader tips for you to try:

  • Kat suggests doing a two-for-one when it comes to spring cleaning chores (although I won't say she enjoys doing it. . . ). She takes her curtains down for a good washing in the spring, and while she’s at it, she tackles the blinds. 
  • Vicki likes to bring the spring sunshine in by washing her windows - and especially the kitchen window. 
  • Carole swaps out her curtains and changes up the décor on her shelves and mantle, and she opens all the windows to air everything out.
  • Carolyn opens the doors and windows for fresh air, too. She adds that she does a good porch-scrubbing several times a season. (She also mentions that hosting parties and guests is a good motivator for her to clean her house, but that hasn’t happened in a while . . . ) (Same here!)
  • Mary tells us that having your house’s interior painted is a great way to organize and deep clean, no matter the time of year. She also suggested a @gocleanco (Instagram) for great cleaning tips and hacks. (I see that @gocleanco will be hosting a 6-week spring cleaning challenge beginning . . . now. Check it out.) (FYI - I printed out the free download. This is a 6-week cleaning challenge with each week focusing on a different area of the house. It is far less intimidating than some of the lists I shared last week.)
  • Sarah and her daughter do a seasonal closet switch-over in the spring. Sarah says it’s a great time to figure out what still fits her growing daughter, and helps them figure out what new clothes she’s going to need for the season ahead.
  • Margene offers some great advice: Do the best you can!
  • Dee mentions turning on some music!
  • Jane likes to approach her cleaning a little bit at a time all year long. She also hires outside help to clean her windows (because none of us need to be up on ladders anymore) (and neither do our "helpers;" leave this one to the professionals).
  • I included a tip last week about keeping track of the expiry dates on your makeup and skin care products. Kat added that it’s also a great time to clean your makeup brushes (here’s a link to makeup brush/sponge cleaning how-tos from Good Housekeeping), and Mary told me that she sets up a reminder on her phone whenever she opens a new mascara so she knows when to replace it with a new one. (Wondering how often you should switch out your mascara? At least every three months! Here’s a great list of replacement dates for all kinds of personal products and makeup from Everyday Health.)
  • And, lastly, Carolyn sent me an email that included some great housekeeping advice: "If I don't like to clean it, or clean around it, I get rid of it." Carolyn followed this up by explaining how she switched out her glass shower door (fussy to keep clean) with a shower curtain (easier to keep clean). I think this is great advice -- if something is too hard or too maddening to deal with . . . get rid of it! 

"Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door."
   — Marcelene Cox

Thanks for coming along on my spring cleaning adventure last week. I hope you’re motivated -- at least a little bit -- to tackle your own home projects this spring.

Here’s to a good (and productive!) week for all of us.


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Thanks for all the spring cleaning help, and I especially like Carolyn's last piece of advice! We have loads of family pictures in frames sitting on surfaces in NJ, and it's a real chore to remove them all and dust the furniture. I think I'll be assessing how many we really need and putting away the rest of them. Who knows, I just might more often!


*That was supposed to be DUST more often!


Oh, I forgot the windows. Usually covered with blinds and hard to get at from the outside. Darn!


What a fun collection of voices here! I love this. Especially the advice to outsource. There are some thing we just don't need to keep doing ourselves. Oh--and Mary's advice on replacing mascara? I'm terribly lax in that department...
Thanks for an inspiring series!


The one thing I really wish I could change about the master bath is the shower door. Unfortunately, taking away to door would really affect resale value on my house, I think.


Thanks for putting all these tips from everyone together in one post! I think that when it comes to cleaning in general, it's helpful if you and the people you live with have different priorities. My husband is the one who does the windows and vacuums (usually), and those happen to be two tasks I really don't enjoy, while I do the bathrooms because I frankly don't trust him to do them well!


So many great tips. This was fun Kym. I especially like Carolyn's advice and like Sarah, I clean our bathrooms - basically because I feel they need it much, much sooner than Fletch does! LOL


I really enjoyed this series of spring cleaning posts and it has actually motivated me to do some stuff. I made a list of areas I want to tack and I'm going to check out the challenge from @gocleanco, too.


So many excellent ideas! I am off to find "gocleanco" (who am I??? LOL)


what a great wrap up to a most excellent series. thank you! (and LOL about the maybe-traction with @gocleanco ;-)


I guess we are doing the ultimate spring cleaning: moving out of our house. Every last corner will be dust-free!

Caffeine Girl

That last comment was from me!

kathy b

You must have sent me cleaning vibes. I cleaned the whole house Sunday without ever intending to! Before I knew it I was mopping floors and even...gasp...dusting.
Thanks Im glad it is done.

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