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Last week, I introduced you all to Ferda (my "grand-pup") and explained that I was knitting her a little sweater.

Well. I finished . . . just in time for a visit last Saturday.


The weather was perfect for an outside, pandemic-friendly visit from Brian and Lauren -- and "The Ferds," of course. We were able to sit comfortably (with blankets) out on our patio while we watched the snow melt. Ferda loves to romp in our fenced back yard. She is agile and fast and full of energy!

I'm sorry to report that after 2 hours of romping in the wet snow, that sweater had stretched out to Flashdance proportions! (I think - hope - it'll spring back into shape in the washer and dryer.) Kind of disappointing to me, but Ferda didn't seem to mind a bit!

For a minute, though . . . it fit like a dream!


I'll make her another for next winter. But I'll make the collar longer and snugger!

(Ravelry details here.)


How about you? What are you making these days?



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Ferda does wear her sweater well, and now you know how to (hopefully) avoid the Flashdance look on her next one. I bet she'll be a bit bigger by next winter!


I am excited to be on the foot of my second pair of socks. Knitting on socks every day (my 100 day project) has really helped me build sock knitting confidence. Your puppy sweater is perfect


She's adorable! And she clearly is a fan of her new sweater. I do hope it does snap back into shape with washing and drying.


She looks SO darling and happy in her warm coat. Damn that super-wash yarn! I hope it spring back into shape and she enjoys it for a few more winters!


Love, love the dog sweater! I told my husband last week you were knitting one for your dog and asked if he thought our Sadie needed one? He laughed at me and said she won't even wear a harness collar to walk, a sweater, I doubt it. Maybe next year? Hope your dog sweater shrinks back down, it's adorable!


Aw! That sweater looks great... too bad about the Flashdance turn!


She looks so sweet in her new sweater! I sometime think of knitting a sweater for my Abby, but then I remember that she has always fought with wearing a cute sweater and all my knitting could easily be chewed apart.

kim in oregon

What a cutie!


That Ferda is a lucky dog and I bet she had a blast romping around in her sweater!


So adorable - with sweater or not. I think dog sweaters must be tricky. Takes a few to get it right. (So many moving parts.). Maybe wait till she gets to her full size before doing the next one?


OK, first of all, she is so freakin' adorable! What do your pups think when she comes to visit?

Thinking of a dog in a Flashdance shirt made me laugh really hard. But she does look great in the photos.


I hoped you sang "what a feeling" for her. She's so cute in her sweater! Here's to cool dry days!

I'm working on an Achikochi sweater - one sleeve and a modification or two to go - the neckline needs more finish (for my taste) than the designer gave it. It looks great, well pressed in the right yarn. Which is apparently not the one I'm using. And I stopped the waist ribbing too soon (it's knit top down, so that's ok) so I need to add a bit there too.

Off topic, I bought 6 bottles of wine for $9 today and thought of last night's book talk. In my defense, any rosé drinker would have done the same - Barnard Griffin Rosé for $9 is a steal. Plus it'll sell out before anyone's had enough. #drinklocal (or if you're not local #drinkwashingtonwine)


What a handsome grandpup. She looks great in her sweater too. How wonderful you could have a pandemic safe visit with one of your children. Light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.


My very first thought when I glimpsed the first picture: What a perfect fit! I'll bet a wash + dry oughta do it. What fun knit.

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