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Sometimes Mondays

. . . are so MONDAY it's ridiculous.

I woke up this morning and it was cold.
I mean, sure. It's winter. It's cold out. No surprise. 

But I'm talking  . . . COLD . . . inside my house. 
As in . . . the-furnace-wasn't-kicking-on kind of COLD.

AND I had an 8:00 am dentist appointment. Just a 6-month check up and cleaning. But still not my favorite way to begin the day. AND, besides, that 8:00 am appointment would throw my whole fragile-as-it-is Monday schedule off.

AND I had a little sinus headache, too.

Oh, this was very clearly shaping up to be a Very Monday kind of Monday before the sun was even up! 

Yep. I was teeing up a real Alexander-and-the-Horrible-Terrible-No-Good-Very-Bad-Day kind of Monday for myself. (That book was one of Erin's very favorites as a kiddo.)


It has taken some work. But I am doing my best here to make it NOT be That Kind of Monday. 

First, I reminded myself that my furnace is not working and it is COLD in my house, yes . . . but it is not a "Texas-situation" here. I may not have heat, but I have electricity. Which means I can plug in my little space heaters if I need. And I have hot water. And I have a gas fireplace. And I have plenty of warm, wool layers to put on. And . . . I can call a furnace repair person to come over and take a look.

Second, I reminded myself that it is a privilege to be able to have my teeth checked and cleaned. I am fortunate, indeed, to be able to take care of myself by maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Besides, I like my dentist. He's a good guy. And he's gone the extra mile to make sure his staff and patients are safe in these pandemic times.

Third, I reminded myself that my schedule is fragile -- but it is also extremely flexible. And how lucky I am to be able to go with the flow!

The headache? Not much to do about that. Except hope it goes away eventually.


So. Here I am. Wrapped in a wool shawl. In front of the fireplace. With a little bit of sunshine (not a lot, but enough) coming in through the window behind me. And my favorite furnace guy down in the basement checking out my furnace already. And really clean teeth (with no cavities, I might add).

So my schedule is off.
And my headache is still there.

But it's okay.
I'm fine.
Some days don't go according to plan.
As Alexander learns, some days are like that.
(Even in Australia.)


How about you? How's your week starting off?


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Ouch to the furnace and ouch to the dentist...something I have put off doing, but need desperately to do! What a Monday Kym! I hope your headache is gone by now and that the furnace was/is an easy fix. I'm not familiar with that book, but it looks great! (and excellent drawings)


My SiL is a wonder at turning things around like you have today. When I whine to her about shoveling she says that she is grateful for the ability to move her body and build her arm muscles. I hope the furnace is an easy fix. We had to replace our furnace two years ago because my favorite furnace guy couldn't make new parts for it any more. It was costly, but every time I'm in the basement I pat my shiny new furnace and thank it for providing warmth. I recommend decongestant, acetaminophen, tea, and taking the rest of the day off!


So far, I have heat, no dentist appointment, a bit of sun, and a whole lot of yarn. Life is good.

Hope the days looks UP for you. Thumbs up for a good check up at the dentist. I have one of those check ups coming up in April.


Other than the yack box deli lady who called everyone sweetheart and took FOREVER BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T STOP TALKING my Monday has been ok. Not a real problem right? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hoping you’re warm as toast soon!! Xo


Oh dear. This is not the way to start any day, never mind Monday. I hope the furnace is now happily working again and I hope your headache is gone, too. Way to turn that Monday mindset around, friend!


I hope your furnace was a quick fix and your headache is feeling better. When it rains it pours! We had the same problem (furnace problem) on Wednesday two weeks ago on top of 14" of snow. The repair people couldn't get to us until noon, plus we needed to call the gas company, and deal with the same thing the next morning. We also had to call a plumber to fix the regulator problem, but he couldn't get to us until a week later! Smith was able to restart the furnace to keep us warm until then. All was well now!


Oh Monday... sometimes you just are so Monday. It was a sketchy Monday here as well... not your kind of Monday, so no complaints here! I hope you are warm, headache free, and that your Monday has lessened...considerably!

I am excited to hear what everyone has to say tomorrow night!

kathy b

WOw. Way to turn your thoughts around to positive. Im impressed! Fireman's having a tough day. Sometimes I have a tough one, sometimes he does. I don't try to cheer him out of it, (well I kind of do) because I've learned he's entitled to his COVID bummed out days.


My daughter and I were commiserating about Mondays yesterday and she made a very astute comment that if we got rid of the dreaded Mondays, we'd just start complaining about Tuesdays. Such wise words from an 11-year-old! I hope by now your furnace is working again and the headache has gone away (strangely, I also had a sinus headache yesterday -- must be Monday!).


I love that you still have Erin’s copy of the book...and that while you didn’t ‘grin & bear it’ (b/c what good does that really do), you flipped the language around and buoyed yourself. (That’s a choice, after all! Sometimes a really hard one!) Looking forward to seeing you all this eve!


Such a Monday. I need to adapt your self-talk about the dental appointment. My dentist has also gone to great lengths to keep patients and staff safe. I just do not like having my teeth cleaned. It stems from dentistry in the 1950's and 60's. Not fun enough said. I hope your furnace is in working order and your sinus headache has abated.


Oh, yeah, furnace problems. The heat failed in our Minneapolis house two years ago during a bitterly cold week. And every single radiator -- all 11 of them -- cracked and leaked 70+-year-old water onto the hardwood floors. Younger Son was away on business that week and had luckily turned off the water at the meter, so the regular plumbing pipes that also burst only leaked the water that was in them. Insurance paid for everything except the new furnace. It took almost exactly one year and cost State Farm nearly $100,000. And that is my sad story about furnace failure. I am glad yours looks to have a much happier ending.

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