Something Amazing
When Knitting = Grumpy: Figuring Out the Formula

Something's Happening Here

And . . . what it is . . . is exactly clear!



That's some really lovely not-quite-olive-green-but-close-enough mid-weight canvas fabric (ordered from my favorite online fabric store) (they will even match your thread for you, by the way) being cut into my can't-wait-to-have-'em overalls!

And I happened to have some really great lining fabric on hand already.


No one will SEE the lining fabric. But it will give me that delightful "surprise inside" feeling every time I step into my overalls.

I also spent quite a bit of time transferring all the markings to my cut-out pattern pieces. 


I don't always take the time to transfer all the markings so carefully. While some projects allow for my usual lazy approach to sewing . . . this isn't one of them! These overalls won't be particularly hard to sew (Merchant & Mills considers this an "intermediate" level pattern), but they will require precision. Accurate and complete markings will be the key here, so this was a good investment of my time.

Once I fill a few bobbins (this will be a thread-heavy project with all that top-stitching), I'll be ready to sew. If I stay focused, maybe I'll have them finished before the end of the month.

Of course, they'll be competing with my taxes. (Sigh.)
Maybe I should have a race and see which Big Thing gets finished first . . . my overalls or my taxes????


And in other news . . . 


Vaccine #1 is in the books!

(I got the Moderna vaccine . . . just down the road from the Pfizer manufacturing plant. The irony.)



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Perfect! Your overall making, that gorgeous lining fabric, and of course, your vaccine! Six weeks from now it may feel like a new world with new opportunities!


That lining fabric is gorgeous! And will look so good (even though only you will know) with your olive overalls. Yay for vaccine #1. Awesome. We are still registered...and still waiting...patiently (at the moment).


Congrats on the vaccine! I get #2 next week and am so excited. Love, love, love the overalls and that lining...dreamy!


Congratulations on your shot! And no bets on taxes vs overalls. One has a firmer deadline, but you'll enjoy the overalls a lot more. The lining fabric is perfect! Can't wait to see them.


Such good things!!!! Hooray for you on the vaccine, for starters. And I will always, always vote Project Before Taxes. And while everyone ELSE may not see much of that fabulous succulent lining, just think how happy you'll feel every time you take them down to go to the bathroom!


Oooooh, that lining fabric! The overalls are going to be great! My advice is get those taxes done so you can devote all your time to making the overalls with no taxes prep hanging over your head. Hooray for vaccine #1!


Agree with Carole. Get 'em done! Then enjoy every minute of making the overalls. I made a pair of Holly Hobby overalls in 8th grade Home Ec back in the mid 1970s. They were well loved.

That lining fabric is so amazing!

Got my Pfizer vaccine today. They stamped a four leaf clover on the card. :-)


That lining fabric is perfect! I can't wait to see these done. I'm in AWE of anyone that can sew.

Love your mask .....congrats on vaccine #1! You are on your way!


Hooray for your vaccine shot! It makes me happy to see so many friends getting their jab (especially because I have so long to wait to get mine). I love the lining fabric you've chosen and can't wait to see the finished project -- but I think the IRS might appreciate you focusing on the taxes first!


I am overcome with joy that you got your vaccine!! Oh my gosh... my heart is bursting!! And perhaps the overalls can win... the Tax Gods sent for a decree that May 17 is the new tax day! :)

also... that marking pen? where did you get that?


YAY for the vaccine ... and for that lovely fabric hiding out in "secret places" :-)


The lining fabric is perfection! The overalls are going to be so fun and you'll LOVE having them finished (because you can WEAR them), BUT the taxes will lift a weight off of you as they are something you won't have to face again for a year! You can then put your overalls together with pure joy! Hurrah for getting your vaccine (irony abounds through this whole process!). I had the Moderna, too. Prepare for your second vaccine to knock you back a day.


That lining fabric is so pretty. You will feel all dressed up in those overalls. We also received the Moderna Vaccine and are a week away from the second vaccine. I have a few books waiting for the weekend when I might not feel so great. However - I will be ever so grateful to feel miserable.

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