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On Shout Outs and Virtual High Fives

Today is a Big Day for someone I love.

Yep. Sometime this morning, my good friend Carole (who started as a blog friend but became a real friend) is going to climb on her Peloton bike . . . and spin through her 100th ride!


That 100th ride is a Very Big Deal. In Peloton-land, it's called your Century Ride. And the Peloton folks celebrate it in a big way. You get a (virtual) medal. You become a member of the Century Club. They even send you a special t-shirt! (A nice one, too.) 

Why do they celebrate the 100th ride with such fanfare? Well. Because it's a Big Deal.

It means you've overcome the inertia of comfort and put on your spinning shoes and clipped into the pedals of your bike . . . 100 times.
It means you've selected a ride that will likely kick your butt . . . 100 times.
It means you've ridden intervals and hills and done speed-work and sweated and fought the voices in your head that tell you that you can't . . . 100 times.

And maybe . . . it means you've battled the demons that live deep in your soul . . . 100 times.

And if you do 100 rides? Well, what's to keep you from 200? 500? 1500 rides?

That's what.
Once you hit 100 rides, you know you can do more!

If you've read Carole's Peloton story (and if you haven't, now would be a good time to read it), you know that climbing on that Peloton (100 times now) has been life-altering for her. I'm so excited and proud to be part of her story, and I'm so excited and proud to welcome her to the Century Club today!

In Peloton-land, when you do a "milestone ride" in a "live" class, the instructor will give you a shout out, acknowledging your accomplishment publicly. We can't always do a "live" class, though*, and I happen to know that Carole won't be doing a "live" class today. Since she won't be hearing her instructor do a personal shout out, I thought I'd just do it myself, right here in blog-land. 


You know what else happens in Peloton-land? You can give each other virtual high-fives. We do that in blog-land, too. So why don't you head on over to Carole's today . . . and give her a virtual high-five! (Tell her Kym sent you.)


Have a great weekend, everyone!
See you Monday.


*Thankfully, there are always thousands of "on demand" classes in Peloton-land, so you can always ride when you want to.


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I've read and loved so many of your posts but I think this one tops the list of BEST POST EVER. Thank you for the virtual high five, thank you for your love and support and encouragement on this journey of mine, thank you for getting me. The line about battling the demons is the one that did me in. XOXO


Big congratulations to Carole, and way to give her a virtual high five on this big accomplishment!


Way to go Carole!! This is a HUGE accomplishment and I am so proud of you!! (and what a lovely shout out Kym!!)


Doing anything for 100 times is an accomplishment but doing an exercise routine that kicks your butt 100 times is a hug accomplishment. Having a buddy, someone who is there for you to keep you going, makes that accomplishment special and your acknowledgement of her Peloton story must make her heart sing. Good going, Carole!


That's awesome!! A shout-out to you, too, Kym, for obviously also being a fabulous motivator and cheerleader!!


Hurray! What a great post for your friend! High Five to you!


Woohoo! Way to go Carole!


oh YES! High Fives for Carole, and for you, and for every one of us that cheered along on the sidelines!! and of course mostly for Carole, because it WAS her behind on the seat and her legs pumping hard!

kathy b

Anyone who sticks with work out plan has my admiration. Congrats and so nice of you to let us know !!

Sue Matson

Hi Kym,
I too am interested in purchasing a Peloton. I am a power walker for 28 years; but am experiencing foot pain and I have been thinking about purchasing a Peloton.
Can you share with me which one you and Carole have purhcased?

Congratulations Carole!

THank you,
Sue Matson

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