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When it comes to my One Little Word every year, I like to keep it close, especially as the year gets rolling along and that January-enthusiasm begins to fade. I've found that if I can keep my word visible - right in front of me - I tend to keep it in mind, too.

Every year, I try to find some tangible symbol of my word that I can have out every day. Something I'll see. Some visual reminder of my word.

Sometimes it's just a little tchotchke that reminds me of my word. Like this inexpensive globe I picked up at World Market in 2015 . . . the year my word was journey. It still sits on a shelf in my house. Not as a fine art object, but to remind me to step out and put on my "explorer hat" whenever I can.


Sometimes it's a piece of jewelry. Like this miniature cairn necklace I wore all the time in 2017, when my word was balance. I still get it out and put it on whenever I'm feeling a little . . . tippy. It reminds me that balance is precarious, but worth striving for.

IMG_2906 3

Sometimes it's something inscribed with a quote relating to my word. Like this little "junk-collector" (because that's what it does) back in 2016 when my word was risk. It sits on my desk even now (still collecting bits and bobs), reminding me to step out. Because I can do hard things.


And sometimes it's the word itself. Like this little plaque I found in 2014, when my word was possibility. While certainly more on-the-nose than some of the other things, it always reminds me that bright possibilities are out there, waiting for me.


So . . . what did I choose for my visual symbol this year? 

Well. My word is root. And I keep thinking of . . . trees. Rooted in the ground, but able to bend and move above ground. Strong. Capable. Sure. Vulnerable. So I wanted a tree - with visible roots - for my symbol this year. And I found this cool thing . . . 

IMG_2845 2

The fact that it's built on a base of amethyst is pretty cool, too. (Because who doesn't need a little amethyst in their life . . . to help reduce negative vibrations, clear the mind of clutter, and . . . prevent intoxication, right?) I keep my tree-crystal on my meditation table, where I'm sure to see it every day. 

A visual reminder . . . is a powerful way to keep you linked to your word all year long.


How about you? If you choose a word for the year, do you do anything special to keep it visible for you?




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What a beautiful reminder. I have found my word on a bunch of small objects that I already owned which is pretty cool. I am working on a small wall quilt with my word as a focus too. I have been thinking about ordering a necklace - still looking for the right one.


I love the idea of having a visual reminder of your word, both during the year and after. I know a number of folks have wood cut-outs with their word, but I like that for the most part yours are less obvious. Now you've gotten me thinking of finding a visual representation of balance.


I love that amethyst crystal tree! The only visible reminder I've done this year is the background screen on my phone and a talisman from Soul Mantras.


You've chosen some very cool reminders! Now if only I could think of a good one for myself ...


ok this is very cool! (and if your word were choose *asking for a friend* what might you suggest?)


Ooo! I like that deep roots tree! What amazing art! I thought a bit about a visual reminder for release, but inspiration has not hit me yet.


You've had some great reminders through the years Kym. I think my favorite is your cairn necklace - very cool!

Gale Z

This is so great! Aside from all of these things being beautiful in their own, you have a tangible collection of the words you focused on. So cool!

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