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Looping Back

Sometimes, especially on a Friday for some reason, it's just kinda fun to . . . loop back . . . and check in on past blog posts.

Like . . . remember those Costco tulips I wrote about a couple of weeks ago?

IMG_2827 2

They're at the end of their bloom-time now -- but they were pretty stunning last night as the sun was setting and shining just exactly where they are! Flowers are always magical, aren't they?

And then . . . there's my herb Aerogarden. I first blogged about it at the end of January, when it was freshly set up and looked very, well, new. Now, though? Herbs for days!


I've been regularly harvesting the basil (both types) already. And if I don't start using the dill soon there's gonna be trouble!


And then . . . there's the Great Overall Plan I explained last week. Guess what arrived by special delivery yesterday? (All the way from the UK already.)


So now the lightweight olive denim-or-canvas hunt is ON with a new urgency!

And I think that pretty much catches you all up on blog-loose-ends for now. Except . . . oh! We do have heat again. And the furnace repair was only $276! (There was a water main break in our neighborhood yesterday, though. So our water pressure comes and goes as they continue working on fixing it.) (Can't win 'em all. . . )

Have a great weekend everyone. And I'll see you on Monday.




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Oh, your little garden looks so great!! Do you think you'll use it year 'round? I haven't sprung for one yet, and just might hold off and put that on my birthday/Christmas wish list for next year.

Have a great weekend, Kym!


I guess you can't always have heat and water at the same time, but glowing flowers and herbs are great also! Have a good weekend!


Ooo! I think I saw some lovely olive-y fabric at Blackbird Fabrics (

Your aero garden is blowing my mind! Wow!


I can TASTE the basil in those photos, Kym!!


I like all that green and have had a bear of a day at work so I'm stopping for tulips on the way home! Have a great weekend Kym and Tom! xo


Looping back ... and loving the light on those tulips! and honestly AMAZED at the herbs in the aero garden. Sadly, Marc's cilantro success last summer has resulted in clumps of bright green cilantro in our yard. sigh. still. wishing you luck on your fabric search ... I really want to see those overalls!!


Those overalls are going to be awesome!


I appreciate seeing your aerogarden since you're a few weeks ahead of me and it shows me where mine is headed. I've been pruning the dill and the parsley is looking great. The basil is slower and still not signs of life from the thyme. I did sprinkle some of the pruned dill on scrambled eggs this week and it was great. Hooray for local flowers, I got a bouquet myself yesterday. And I can't wait to see your overalls!


Yum, those fresh herbs look so good! That dill would be great in a pot of chicken soup or a batch of refrigerator pickles!

There's a water main break/leak up the street from us that's been an issue all winter, and apparently it's a very large main so they are waiting for the weather to improve to fix it. I'm sure we'll lose water for a while when that happens and I am not looking forward to it!


I need to start a little herb garden like yours next winter. Love fresh herbs! And good news about your furnace.

kathy b

Oh your garden is so growing. I love it. Fireman loves dill on his lil boiled red potatoes when he cooks salmon.

Hope those stimulus checks are helpful; seems AJ and others have had the repair headaches too . I think winter is just hard on all kinds of machines.


Love the overalls!


Oh that little herb garden looks wonderful. And since you don't want any trouble with the dill, I wonder what you will make with it. Dilly Bread comes to my mind. The tulips look so pretty. I love it when the sun turns something into a thing of beauty.

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