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So one sad day last October . . . probably around Rhinebeck time . . . when I was tired of the pandemic and dragged down by the upcoming election and totally worn out by the news and missing my kids and my friends and just generally feeling bad about All The Things, I was poking around on my computer and stumbled onto this yarn on the Modern Daily Knitting website.

It was like . . . the clouds parted and the sun shone and the birds started singing for a minute.

That yarn!*

I had to have it.

So I ordered enough to make . . . something.
(In true player-to-be-named-later fashion.)
Enough to make . . . a sweater, even.

I've gotta say that . . . I can't remember a time I've bought enough (pricey) yarn to make a sweater . . . with no concept of a sweater in mind first. 

I've also gotta say . . . that yarn? Totally not what I'd usually go for. Because . . . it just looks like a pool(ing) party waiting to happen. And pooling makes my eyes twitch.

But the yarn arrived. And it was as gorgeous as I'd figured it might be. It definitely turned my mood around for a minute or two. But then . . .  I had to figure out what to do with it!

After a lot of thought (a wonderful diversion), I decided that I definitely wanted to make a sweater with it -- but that the shape would be key if I wanted to avoid a total pooling disaster. So . . . I was looking for, basically, a box-with-sleeves. Preferably . . . a box-with-sleeves that also might have a bit of texture in it to bring out the highlights of that yarn.

I ended up deciding on . . . The Weekender (by Andrea Mowry).

IMG_2492 2

And it turned out to be the most perfect choice for this absolutely lovely - but totally pool-y - yarn! I mean, The Weekender has all the elements I was looking for:

  • Reverse stockinette body.
  • Stockinette sleeves.
  • Faux seams down the front and back.
  • Ribby neckline.

And BONUS . . . it's like a comfy sweatshirt! (A FANCY, comfy sweatshirt.)

IMG_2473 2

The whole thing (from purchase to finished sweater) is kinda . . . inside out and a little backward! But the yarn brought me joy. The knitting made me happy. And wearing it?

Totally turned the beat around!

Turn the beat around
Love to hear the percussion
Turn it upside down
Love to hear the percussion
Love to hear it


You can find all my project details here, on Ravelry.


*The colorway that caught my eye is called Dusk. It is no longer offered on the MDK site. (Which is a pity.) (But totally justifies my purchase back in October, y'know?)


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I love the neckline + center ridge (?) on that, Kym! To say nothing of your glasses that coordinate, top to bottom...!


Oh, that's very very nice!! Excellent pairing of yarn & pattern, and it looks fantastic on you!


I love it when a slightly impulsive yarn purchase works out so well! I haven't really understood the appeal of The Weekender, but after seeing your gorgeous, fancy, perfect sweatshirt, I'm beginning to get it. Enjoy!


The Weekender has been on my to knit list since the pattern was released. Your Weekender is wonderful, not only the end product but the joy it gave you to knit.
I love your long hair too!


This really looks like the 'perfect-I-would-wear-this-sweater-every-day' knit. I think this might be the sweater of my dreams!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


Your sweater is beautiful! I’m knitting The Weekender too and I hope mine turns out as lovely as yours.


I love it! It looks like a perfect sweater to keep cozy warm in during the next week. I am between knitting projects right now and was look at The Weekender as a possibility, seeing yours makes me want to go ahead with it!


Perfect in every way!!! xo


I love it! Perfect storm (pun intended) of events. It's now in my queue.

I get Andrea's newletter and have hemmed and hawed over this. It will be put on the list for this year's holiday knitting. I just got a package of three sweater yarns to swatch (from WEBS) and I think the cascade 220 in denim may be just the yarn I need to make this for my 31 year old daughter in Seattle (and yes, there may be two of them). Thanks for all the detail on Ravelry. I'm always interested in the ease and not everyone lists theirs!


I love it! What a great fit and style and it definitely looks super comfy. I'm glad it all worked out and the yarn didn't wind up sitting in your stash.


Kym, that is fabulous on you! This particular pattern never really did it for me, but I absolutely love your version.

Also, I have to say that I think we knitters are really lucky in that when we're feeling low, we can be cheered up by some yarn. It's useful, it's not terribly expensive, and it won't wreck your life like drinking or drugs might!

kim in oregon

I love it! Great job!


This is an amazing marriage between yarn and pattern. I don't like pool-y yarn either and have problems sometimes pairing them with patterns to decrease pooling but this is awesome. The sweater fits well, great job!


Marvelous Kym! That really does look so comfy on you. The center *seams* look cool. Not sure it's a sweater for me, but I love your choice of yarn and the finished product. And whoo-boy your hair is getting long! I have finally decided to chop off major inches on mine!! But...not quite ready to go to a salon just yet...

kathy b

Kym, I have yet to see a Weekender that isn't fantastic. You found just the right pattern for that delicious yarn. Well done. Bravo


What a gorgeous sweater. Sometimes it is so nice to knit with a special yarn purchase. And I love your long hair.


I love this!! I have long wanted to make this sweater and it has just taken a big jump to the top!! Goodness, your hair is so long now and lovely!



Isn't it just fantastic when it all comes together and you have a finished project you love to the moon and back.


I love it when what you long to knit turns out to be great to wear, too! Congratulations!


My goodness.. so many comments. Also love the yarn + pattern. Always thought this plain and simple pattern needed interesting yarn. My one problem with The Weekender is the straight across neckline. I always need something that dips right at the center top at least slightly but don’t know how to make that happen. Totally love yours on you, though! Chloe


I'd say this sweater is impulse perfection! Gah! It is gorgeous, Kym! And sometimes that pooly thing... well, it just works! Great pairing of yarn and pattern... Well done!!


I love the way it turned out!

My Weekender is one of my favorite knits - I will definitely knit another one. And now I see there is a Weekender Light, which I may have to try as well.

Wear yours in good health!

Robby H.

This is gorgeous, and I might have to rethink my dismissal of this pattern. I mean, who can't use another wear it everywhere sweatshirt? Or even one that's socially acceptable, pandemic or not. Hope you enjoy it as much as anticipated.


Kym, I LOVE it! (I think I'm late enough commenting to say that the pattern was not at all one I'd considered?!) and seeing yours ... well, I'm reconsidering. and I have a sweater quantity of yarn that would be perfect for a sweatshirt sweater. (not to mention I need a project that my 11-months-COVID brain can handle). Thank you! oh, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the long gray locks!! quarantine has given us both a silver lining.

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