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Sometimes Mondays . . . Are Full of Hope

Last year, there were many times when I felt short on . . .


But you already know this. It was a frequent blog topic for me . . . my search for hope. I'm feeling ever-so-slightly better these days. Things look a little brighter to me, at least. So I haven't felt quite the need to write about it as much lately. 

But I'm still always on the lookout, y'know? 
And I found some to share with you.

It's a book.


And I think a lot of you might really like it!

When I first started reading this new novel by Jane Smiley, I was skeptical. Talking animals? Really? Although I adored talking animals in books as a child, they just don’t have the same appeal for me now that I’m a grown up. (Besides, there’s always that nagging worry that something bad will happen to the animals. And I can’t bear that.*) But I swallowed hard and plunged in --  suspending my disbelief -- and I quickly fell head over heels for Paras, Frida, Raoul, Kurt, Nancy, and Sid.

Turns out that Perestroika in Paris is actually . . . Charlotte’s Web for grown ups (except it won't make you cry).

This delightful and utterly charming novel is uplifting, lighthearted -- and just plain fun! It was refreshing to read a story where the motivations of all the characters are pure (both animals and humans - because there are humans in it, too) -- just what you’d wish for in the real world. A story of friendship, freedom, love, and loyalty, this book was a balm for my soul -- a bright spot in these dark times.

It gave me hope! 
And maybe it will give you some, too.


Here's to a good week for all of us -- full of lightheared fun, pure motivations, and good books that give us hope!


*(Spoiler alert: Nothing bad happens to these animals!)




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I haven't read anything by Jane Smiley for a long time and this sounds intriguing. Talking animals and hope? I'm off to place my hold - thank you for the recommendation!


I think I had read about this book and then promptly forgot it. Thanks for the reminder - I've placed a request with my library (only 15 folks ahead of me!). This should be a fun read, and like Bonny, it's been quite some time since I read anything by Jane Smiley.


Added to my to-read list, thank you!


I am always happy to add a great book to my TBR list, so thanks for this one!


I will have to check that book out once we can dig ourselves out of the snow and back to the bookstore. Thanks for the heads up that nothing bad happens to the animals. :-)


What a fun read--and I've decided I could use a little more fun, all the way around!
Just seeing this, moments before heading out to p/u my library holds that just came in. Among them is Leave the World Behind! Hooray :) Here's to a good week for all.

kim in oregon

I might give this a try. I've rolled my eyes at the description several times but we'll see.


oh fun! thank you for the recommendation! (especially appreciate the PSA that the animals DON'T die :-)


Hold placed! Thank you for the recommendation! :)


This sounds like a delightful suggestion. I will put it on my list. So happy to know about it!


Thanks! Can't wait to read it. Just like Cerulean Sea...there was so much good there! xo


My library has a short wait for the audiobook, which I now have on hold due to your recommendation! I'm all about hope these days as by the 18th we will have had both of our vaccines! My hope is that many, many more people will be getting their vaccines, too!


Oooooh, Jane Smiley is one of my favorite authors! The first book that introduced her to me was Horse Sense, which is about -- you guessed it -- horses! Now I shall have to request Perestroika in Paris from the library. Thank you!

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