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Quick Reminder

Just a little Friday reminder here.

Our next Read With Us book discussion is coming right up!

Read With Us

First, the book . . . 

Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam. If you haven't had a chance to read it, you still have plenty of time. It's a quick read and quite a page-turner! (The tricky part is getting hold of a copy, if you're relying on your library. It's a popular book right now, and wait times can be long.)

Then, the discussion.

We'll be talking about the book on Tuesday, March 2 -- both on our blogs and with a Zoom meet-up. 

  • Bonny, Carole, and I will each post a different discussion question on our blogs on Tuesday, March 2. Feel free to post your thoughts about the book by commenting throughout the discussion week.
  • Later that same evening, we'll be hosting a Zoom meet-up at 7:00 pm to discuss the book "live" and in person. (Yeah, I know there are limitations with the timing, especially if you're on the west coast. But Bonny, Carole, and I are all in the Eastern Time Zone . . . and we turn into pumpkins if it gets to be too late.) If you want to join us (and we hope you will; we all had a lot of fun with our last Read With Us Zoom), all you need to do is . . . let us know! Just RSVP by leaving a comment on any of our blogs beginning today -- or you can send us an email. I'll be sending out the Zoom information prior to the meet-up -- AND I'll be sending out some background information about the book and the author that will deepen our understanding of the book prior to the discussion.

If you've read the book - or are still planning to - we hope you'll join us for the discussion on March 2.


I wish you all enjoy a restful weekend, with plenty of time for reading.



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I just finished the book! I'd love to Zoom with y'all.


I just started it last night! Got it from the Lucky Day shelf at my library :) I'd love to join the Zoom. I'll aim to be on time! I have a commitment right up until the start time (which is 5:00 for me)--but I'm looking forward to participating this time around! Thank you!


I'm looking forward to this too! I finished the book this week. :-)

kim in oregon

I would love to join the zoom.


My TBR is long and I was only going to read this if it made the Aspen Lit prize short list ... which it did. I started the book this morning and whoa, I'm glad I'll be able to discuss it with y'all!


I was on hold on Overdrive and there were over 15 people ahead of me when I checked it during the week as I was trying to decide if I should just buy it or wait and all of a sudden on Thursday I was able to get a copy. I'm finishing up another book tonight and plan to spend the weekend reading.


I am really looking forward to this discussion! There is just so much to talk about! :)


I just finished this book last night - and I'd love to join the Zoom - I think the (as we say in our house) 4/6/7 time will be OK - I meet with my high school girl's book group at 7 PT. We are reading Bamboo People (a YA novel set in Burma and on the Thai border). It's a little too on the nose for the world right now. Anyway - March 2 will be lit night.


Looks like a lot of people want to join our Zoom discussion - hooray!


I am so looking forward to this discussion! I think this book is the best one yet to talk about.

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