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A couple of months ago, Vicki told us all about this very fun online cooking class she and her sister took together. And that got me thinking! My sister's birthday was coming up (at the time; it's a month passed now) . . . and maybe I could give her an online cooking class that we could take together! Wouldn't that be fun?

So I got more information from Vicki . . . and started digging around. Now, New Orleans style cooking (the class Vicki and her sister did) probably wouldn't appeal much to my sister. While she likes to cook, that's not really in her wheelhouse. I needed to cast my net a little further. . . and then I found that Sur La Table has a huge selection of online cooking and baking classes.


My sister loves to bake -- so I signed us both up for a 2-session croissant baking class. My thinking was that neither of us would attempt croissants on our own. They're technically difficult and the recipes/directions are totally intimidating . . . so it seemed a class setting might be the best way to learn how to make them. Plus . . . croissants immediately remind us of our travels together (and our shared love for Louise Penny's "Three Pines" book series).

We had our class this past weekend.


It was really fun! The advance materials were good, and we were able to get ourselves prepped and ready to go before the class started. (Reading too far ahead, though, was still totally intimidating! Laminated dough is not for the weak of heart . . . ) The pacing was good, so we were able to keep up with the steps along with the online instruction.


The tips and tricks were invaluable. And for me, the professional tips on rolling out dough . . . worth the price of admission right there!


And by the end of Day 1, we had laminated croissant dough proofing in the refrigerator . . . 


. . . all ready for Day 2. Which was all rolling, cutting, and shaping our croissants. More proofing . . . 


And finally . . . baking!


And, in the end, we each had a delicious batch of croissants!


They were seriously GOOD.


And I feel confident enough to make them again . . . on my own!

My sister had great success with her batch of croissants, too. It was a lot of fun to take the class with my sister. Although we couldn't see each other during the class (neither of us turned our cameras on), we texted and shared photos with each other throughout both sessions. Maybe I'll be able to talk her into another baking class soon . . . French Apple Tarte Tartin, maybe? Or Raspberry Macarons?

You really can teach old dogs new tricks!



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That took bravery! Good for you! (Bet eating them was fun, too!)


Delicious! At Thanksgiving, I make what I call crescent rolls, but they are not croissants since I just spread melted butter on them before rolling them up and avoid the whole laminating process. They're just buttery rolls in a crescent shape, but yours look appropriately flaky and so delicious! I wish I had one with my tea this morning, but will check out Sur le Table's classes.


That looks delicious and fun!! Great gift idea too.


This sounds wonderful! I am in awe of all the fun things you find on the internet to do, and they are useful as well. Sent link to my daughter, will see what magic takes place. THX. Happy Monday.


Those look incredible and so professional! I'm very tempted to sign up for the raspberry macarons class!


So fun! A friend did an Italian cooking class this week. Thinking this is something to try!


YUMMMMM. Those look so good! Ann & I are taking a Sur La Table class in a couple of weeks (my bday gift to her... the other was hers to me) -- cooking Thai food. I love the variety & number of their classes. I told her that you were doing the Croissant class and we might do that sometime, too! For no reason at all! So glad you both enjoyed it. ;)


Oh my gosh! Those look amazing! And I am with you... all the steps are just daunting, but your photos make it look less daunting... and what a gorgeous ending!


They turned out beautifully! Nothing's better than butter... Woo-hoo! Curious--did your sister have to make any accommodations for altitude? I worried about that with our cardamom buns last weekend--but we had nowhere near the trouble I have with a loaf of bread or cake at high alt.
What a treat!!


What a great idea! Thanks for the link. I have three sisters who might be interested in finding a class together. We might even be able to convince our brother to join us!


I am seriously intimidated by pastry, but I have trying to make some on my 21 in 2021 list -- and it's good to know that the online class was a good one! I also love that this was something you could do together. If only I had a sister to do something like this with!

Eat a croissant for me -- they look really delicious!


Those croissants look beautiful ..... a little jam, a little butter .............HEAVEN!

Julia in KW

Yum! Yum! And yum!😉

Kathy b

Wow . Croissants! Amazing. Great tips for some who wants to take a bread/baking class. Great great gift idea!


What a great birthday gift for your sister! The croissants look wonderful.


This is such a great idea ... and I totally vote for macarons next!

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