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When I was in sixth grade (1970), the movie Love Story came out in theaters. It was the TALK of the sixth grade! Of course, at age 11, none of us had seen it, nor were the chances good that any of us would be allowed to see it. But Sharon Jenkins had an older sister who did see it, and she shared ALL the details with us. I remember just being shocked by the sucker punch of an ending. Shocked. Because love stories could have sad endings???? (Oh, my tender 11-year-old heart. . .)

I didn't see the movie until several years later. Back then, you couldn't just grab a VHS and watch when you wanted, of course. If you missed a movie on its theater release, you had to wait until it showed up on TV at some point. (Bleak times for movie viewing, for sure.) And by the time I did see the movie, I had read the book (all in one day, ending up with a tearful session reading under the covers with a flashlight late at night) -- and had already cycled through "the poster" that hung in my bedroom for years. (I thought the movie was okay; nothing can compare to Sharon Jenkins describing every detail at recess -- and the book was better.)

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So. Movie love stories. Do you prefer tear-jerkers like Love Story? Or are you more a fan of the rom-com . . . where eveything eventually "fits" in the end?

When I started thinking about love story movies earlier this week, I figured I would come up with my best three movies about love . . . and call it good for a Three on Thursday post. But the more I thought about it, the longer my list became! Ultimately, I've got a list here that can't even remotely qualify for a Three on Thursday post. (Three-Times-Three-Plus-One On Thursday?) (How about that, Carole?)

So, here you go. My Three-Times-Three-Plus-One list of favorite movies about love . .  

  • Amelie
  • Something's Gotta Give
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Brooklyn
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral
  • The Big Sick
  • The Holiday
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Bull Durham 

I could add more . . . but I decided to stop with my top 10. 
What about you? What are your favorite movies about love???

(And did you have that same Love Story poster hanging in your room? It was ubiquitous in my 1970s world.)


"Life is one big love story with hundreds of little love stories within it."
       --- Ram Charan





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OMG, Love Story, my Dad took us to see that movie, I was in high school, and like so many young girls in 1970 I was devastated by the ending! Ali McGraw she was the women I wanted to emulate in every way, her hair, clothing, (she was in Seventeen Magazine almost monthly for awhile), her speech...I mean EVERYTHING! But, then she faded out of public site and I moved on. Also, I learned; "Love does mean having to say You Sorry"...OFTEN!
Thanks-fun going down memory lane.


Well done! I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a list like this.... While I USED to be all about the tear-jerker, I now avoid them like the plague. Troy said--just yesterday--"I feel like watching a good, sad movie..." And I said, "Have at it!"


Thanks for the list. I will have to see which of those movies are available at my library.


Love Story was the first "grown-up" movie I remember seeing. My mother was horrified that my best friend's mother took us to a PG movie, but I was 13 years old and didn't understand the fuss. As usual, the book was better, and even then I thought the ubiquitous quote was just wrong. My favorite romance movie is probably Love Actually. I usually watch it at Christmas time but it works any time of year. I love that it portrays so many different kinds of love - young, old, married, married but cheating, platonic, lust, sibling, all played out in private and public.


You've got me thinking hard on this one. I can probably count on my fingers the numbers of movies I've seen in my lifetime.

I did see Romeo and Juliet when it came out. (The one with Olivia Hussey.)

I guess Philadelphia would be my favorite "love" story. It's not billed as such, but there was a love story element between the main character and his partner.

So, I'll go with Philadelphia.

P.S. It had an amazing soundtrack.


I read the book Love Story long before I ever got to see the movie, too, and the book was SO much better. My favorite movie about love is When Harry Met Sally. I also like many on your list and I think it's fab that you included Moonrise Kingdom! I guess right now I'd also add The Sound of Music since Christopher Plummer is on my mind. That movie encompasses not just romantic love but love of country, too.


I'm a big fan of The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning. And I just re-read Love Story last summer (in one sitting / flashlight free) and still cried my eyes out. You've got a couple on your list there I don't know...I'll have to check them out!


I was a junior in high school when Love Story was released. I saw the movie with my girlfriends and we saw it again a week later and cried over it both times. I read the book after seeing the move and I loved both the book and the movie. Such good memories!
One of my favorite rom-coms is Moonstruck. You have a great list of movies and I like that you included Moonrise Kingdom, I just love Wes Anderson movies!

kim in oregon

This is such a cliche but the Meg Ryan trifecta: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You've Got mail.

Apparently I'm a Rom Com person.

kathy b

Ok I'll try again!!
Loved the Big Short
I love Bull Durham

Love Moonstruck
Love Jerry McGuire
Love the Hollars!
love When Harry Met Sally
(I'll have what she's having)



“An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. First Saw it on TV in the sixties . Cry every time I re-watch it. I “escape” whenever I can, so light-hearted rom-coms.


Love Story came out before I was born, but I have seen it, and I cried buckets. I tend to prefer happy endings, but having a good cry is good sometimes, too. I have seen all the movies in your list other than Moonrise Kingdom. I'll add some of my favorites: Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail (they kind of the same movie, right?), Jane Austen movies, Across the Universe.

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