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Love week

Click here for a little soundtrack for today's post (worth a click for the little trip back to 1975).

I kinda got into a little knitting obsession last week . . . 


I had just finished my Weekender sweater, and I was waiting on some yarn to knit a dog sweater for my grand-pup, so I thought it might be fun to knit up a little heart in the meantime. Y'know . . . a little "palette cleanser."

And, well. It was kinda like when you hear an old (fashioned love) song . . . and it gets stuck in your head . . . and you keep singing it over and over and over.

Because . . . before you know it, I had seven little hearts!


Some of them have been drafted into Valentine-duty and are now traveling to destinations across the country. The rest of them will just sit around, adding a bit of whimsy here and there in my living spaces this month.

You know how it goes . . . when you start knitting up some LOVE!

You'll swear you've heard it before
As it slowly rambles on and on
No need in bringing 'em back
'Cause they've never really gone
Just an old fashioned love song
Coming down in three part harmony
"Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a heart can hold."
    --- Zelda Fitzgerald


(You can find the details for my little hearts on Ravelry here.)


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Those little projects do tend to multiply quickly, don't they? I'm sure when they reach their destinations, they'll bring some love with them!


Oh, so great!! I think I'm going to have to knit some quick for some kids & kiddos!! I love a good little knitting obsession. Heh.


I love your hearts (and appreciate your project notes)! I know there's no way I can knit some hearts and have the usps deliver it to CO by Sunday, so maybe I can knit a few for a colorful heart mobile for myself. Everyone could use a whimsical heart (or seven)!


Oh dear, I can't get the lyrics of 'Just an Old fashion Love Song" out of my head now! Well, it's better than some other thoughts that run around up there...haha.
Love your little hearts and I'm sure they bring joy to your eyes every time passing by them.


Now I'm singin' in my head. THAT was one of my favorite songs, back in the day. LOL

The little hearts are adorable and the yarn colors ----YUMMY!


Those are SO stinking cute! How fiddly are they? Because you know me and the fiddly knitting. These are very very tempting, though. (great soundtrack for today, too!)


So darn cute! I'm not going anywhere near something like that though! :-) The dog that I can give some serious consideration to. What pattern are you going to use?


Your hearts are lovely, as are your sentiments. I truly doubt anyone would ever be able to measure how much a heart can hold. Hope your week remains lovely


A little whimsy is so welcome right now. The hearts are darling and I'm sure they will bring joy to the recipients.


I’d been thinking about some hearts like these. But it’s already Thursday and am still just a-thinkin’. Maybe they’ll get done by August and ready for 2022. Again, it’s the fiddliness. Chloe


So cute! (and I totally get the thrill of knitting hearts, although mine are flat, but they are so cute hanging!)


I applaud you for Love Week! thank you! I received an amazing crochet heart in the mail this week ... and know I'm gonna have to up my game to knitted hearts (next year?) I will say there is nothing better than opening an unexpected package and finding a heart inside.

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