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Turn It Around

Finding Alternatives, As One Does

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about things I miss from the Before Times. 
And how I can find alternatives for them in the Now Times.


In days gone by, I used to have regular facials. Usually . . . whenever the seasons changed. So about 4 facials per year. If you've ever had a facial, you know that they're kind of wonderful  AND kind of not so much (can you say extractions???). But I loved that hour-and-a-half of total pampering. Of totally letting go . . . and completely buying in to "it is what it is." 

Plus. It was great for my skin.

I had a facial scheduled for mid-March last year. And you know THAT didn't happen. So it's been over a year for me. . . without one.
And I miss it.

So I decided to recreate the experience . . . as best I could . . . here at home. (You can find lots of how-to-give-yourself-a-home-facial articles with a quick Google search. Here's one, if you're interested in trying one for yourself.)

I have always splurged on my skin care products. But recently, I decided I need MORE . . . if I'm going to emulate a facial experience here at home. I've added a mask. And a (kinda sorta but not really) chemical peel. And . . . then, I ordered this . . . 


It's a facial cleanser/massager. And it is so much cooler than I anticipated when I ordered it! It's so NOT like the only other facial scrubber I ever used . . . the one I had in high school that scrubbed off entire layers of my skin. No. This one is gentle. And effective. And FUN. I just put a tiny dab of my regular cleanser on it, turn it on (there are 4 settings for cleaning/massaging), and voilá!


Home facial! Lathered up and feeling good -- every morning.

I also got one of these . . . 


What is THAT, you ask? Why . . . it's a "contour vibrating facial roller and massager," of course! Talk about a luxury item (for less than $20)! It's designed to "help stimulate circulation, promote collagen production, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." Uh-huh. That's what they say. And maybe it does that. But I say . . . it just feels good! It feels like a splurge! 


The rose quartz stone is cool and smooth. The vibration is gentle. It just feels . . . nice. Y'know? Relaxing. And who knows? Maybe I'm also stimulating collagen production??? (There is also an interchangeable "under eye press" stone. In case you want to reduce your under eye baggage.)


For far less than the price of a Before Times facial, I picked up a few surprisingly high-quality, at-home facial tools . . . delivered right to my door. 
They make facials-at-home a little more fun.
A little more special.
A treat!

A total . . . simple pleasure . . . in a time when simple pleasures are most welcome!


Have you discovered/incorporated any simple pleasures into your stay-at-home life?



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Very nice Kym! I've never been that in to facials (I would much rather have a massage...but that ain't happening right now either). But these two tools look really nice. I've been blessed with very good skin, but for the first time ever I am noticing little lines and a few wrinkles. I've had to change my cleanser and moisturizer because I'm also suddenly sensitive to so many products (can you say frustrated??). Thanks for this post...I may need to splurge!


These are interesting alternatives! I've seen the roller thing and thought at the very least it looked pretty. My simple pleasures have been a good pair of hair-trimming scissors and candles. I don't have a complicated haircut, but at some point I really needed to trim the scraggly, dry ends and having good scissors made it much easier. The candles just cast a nice glow and we eat by candlelight often. They make dinner taste better!


This post was such a delight to read! I have always been blessed with great skin but this past year.... well things are changing! Im sure it's because I have had the attitude of 'what's the point', Im not going anywhere, not putting on a bra, not pulling together a proper outfit, not taking care of my skin, (which was always minimally at best.) A couple of weeks ago I ordered my favorite skin products and WOW the difference, yah, I am even putting on lipstick now, no other other makeup, just lip color! Perhaps its time for the cleansing brush, I used them in my 30's, ( a life time ago), I don't know, next I might be fully jumping in and looking for the bra!

Caffeine Girl

You are so inventive!
I've never had one. Maybe I'll be able to try it when I retire!
I find that being a maker has made this time manageable. I always have a handful of projects going that make me happy.


I've never had a facial! Or a massage, for that matter. I love that you find a way to pamper yourself at home.


ooohhh fun - might need to give that massager a try! (I love the Trader Joes masks - I think they're $3.99 apiece and work great!) I've treated myself to the whole at-home manicure thing and have the pedicure kit waiting for spring.


Oh I do miss my facials. Like you I did them 4 times a year and my gal is just the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet. It has been a year and a half since my last facial!!


Ooooh I love a good facial too. I've gone back to painting my own nails so that is a treat and also got some new Athleta joggers for at home - known as "dress" fleece. :-)


These look like such a lovely treat! Pampering yourself is always important, if you ask me. I have a pretty low-key skin routine (mainly because my skin is sensitive and thinks I'm still a teenager), but when I need a little treat, I have a Kiehl's mud mask that I put on. I've also used sheet masks a couple of times, and they're fun (if I little messy).


I was just thinking this morning that I need to start taking better care of my face and I really need some better skin care products (since I have none, that isn’t hard to manage). I also read last summer about that stone roller being so lovely when you put it in the fridge and then use it on a hot summer day. Those days will return!


I have splurged with moisturizer... a good facial one, that makes my skin feel so wonderful. And I have a facial brush... it is wonderful! It beeps when you need to move to the next spot! Maybe I need a facial roller! What fun!


I have wanted to try one of those roller things, I may have to get that one. Over the summer, when I had the house to myself for a few hours on a Sunday, I would put on a mask and have a mask day for myself. I even gifted two friends (and parts of it to my niece) a spa day package with a band to hold the hair back, masks to try, Goat milk moisturizers, facial cloths. It was fun and they seemed happy with their gifts. Lately, I've been using up a pre-shower mask every Sunday instead of the other ones but I plan to go back to them soon.


I guess my simple pleasure splurge would be tea.

I'm pretty low-maintenance when it comes to self-care, but I do love a nice, emollient body wash that I use for hand soap. I really like when my hands smell nice. I like body butter too, especially organic ingredient ones, but I haven't been able to get my favorite ones lately. I get them at the craft show and they haven't had those since the BEFORE TIMES.

Kathy b

:Love this post! That stone is so beautiful.
I love the new press on nails. I just wish they stayed on longer.


I've never had a facial, though I do take good care of my skin - after a youth of too much sun. But I have taken up the home manicure habit -- and have learned that practice makes perfect, or at least much better. It's always been something I thought was too hard on my nails, and took too much time. But here I am, at 60, finally with nice-ish nails.


I love your idea of pampering oneself at this juncture, but that is a smart idea. I've haven't had a facial since the one that made my face bright red (allergies). But, the massager and the stone would be fun to use with my usual cleanser and a total pamper session!

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